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Once told she was ‘too sexy’ for women’s magazines, Lyzabeth Lopez has proven many people wrong. After gracing the cover of several other female fitness magazines, now she’s adding Oxygen Australia to her list!

By Kirstin Cuthbert | Photography by Wendi Satio 


Name: Lyzabeth Lopez
City: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Master Trainer & Holistic Nutritionist
Height:  164cm
Weight: 58-61kg 


Instagram: lyzabethlopez
Facebook: lyzabethlopezfitness
Twitter: lyzabethlopez
SnapChat: LyzabethLopez
YouTube: LyzabethLopez
Google+: LyzabethLopezFitness
Website: www.LyzabethLopez.com
On-Line Training: TrainWithLyzabeth.com


As a PRO fitness model, owner of the world-wide Hourglass Workout franchise, registered holistic nutritionist/kinesiologist and with a social media following of over 3 million, plus 30 million views on Google+, Lyzabeth Lopez is one inspiring woman. Although she has reached an incredible place today through her determination, love and hard work, life hasn’t always been easy. After overcoming anorexia as a teen, Lyzabeth was told she was too ‘sexy’ for many of the things she wanted to achieve. However, Lyzabeth never gave up, she overcame hurdle after hurdle and has achieved so much more than she ever thought possible.

At the age of 12, after a gymnastics injury, Lyzabeth started to gain weight. Not wanting to be made fun of by her class mates, she joined a gym and began training. She trained with a group of boys and as a result trained like one of the boys, lifting heavy weights. She started to get bigger and didn’t understand why so she became vegan as she thought it was the meat that was making her larger. 

Lacking knowledge about nutrition and her body type, the added carbs in her vegan lifestyle made her gain even more weight so she decided to start running in the hopes of getting ‘skinny’.

“Eventually I started running or walking every time I got hungry. This slowly turned into anorexia and exercise addiction. I got down to only eating a bran muffin and a piece of fruit a day and would run for two hours. I almost died to be skinny, literally,” she says.

The years of abuse Lyzabeth put her body through eventually ended when she discovered fitness competitions. She slowly started to add food back into her diet and weights into her training and began prepping for a show. She ended up winning her first ever fitness model competition, found a new passion and went on to win many more titles.

Through all of her training she was able to figure out what methods worked best for her and this has allowed her to become the master trainer she is today.

“I’ve been through so much in my years of training. I always wanted to train properly and knew the end goal I wanted, but not knowing how to get there was beyond frustrating,” she says. 

“Through years of trial and error I now know how to get results. My training is specific to my goals at the time, e.g. if I want to be curvier, slimmer, more ripped, etc. I’ll make minor modifications based on my goals and within a couple of weeks, I see results,” she says.

Early on in Lyzabeth’s fitness modelling career, as she won show after show, she started to dream of gracing female fitness magazine covers. However, as she began sending her images out, she discovered that people saw her in a much different way than she saw herself.

“I was always told I was too curvy or too ‘sexy’ for editorial. I know that may not sound like a bag thing, but it really was. I was a young, smart trainer and model and no one would take me seriously!” she says.

“I was told to send my pictures to the sexier magazines, but I just had no interest in posing that way, or being ‘that girl’. I was more of a happy-go-lucky ‘woman-power’ type of girl but I was classed as a ‘men’s magazine’ girl… This was and still is beyond frustrating.”

As the years passed, it became more and more apparent to Lyzabeth that she was never going to be a cover girl. One time she was even fired from a fashion show by a top brand in fitness apparel because her ‘butt was too big’.

This was before big butts became incredibly popular and Lyzabeth says it was absolutely ‘heart-breaking’.  However, when the social media craze started and she first discovered MySpace, she soon realised she could create her own media opportunities and show that she had what it took.

“I flew out and paid for my own shoots on money that I made from personal training and my full-time job as a college professor and youth worker. I started to gain a following. Next, Facebook launched and I quickly joined that as well. I posted fitness advice and photos from my shoots, YouTube tutorials and even created my own fitness competition training vlog on my channels,” she says.

Lyzabeth quickly had a waitlist for her 500-friend cap, so Facebook moved her profile to a ‘Fan Page’. As she was one of the very first people with this page, she initially didn’t want it. She thought it sounded very ‘narcissistic’, but she had no choice so she started to build this new platform.

Then Instagram launched and this is where Lyzabeth’s career really took off. Her page grew very organically and very quickly. From there she started to be contacted for TV, radio, tours, gym openings, reality shows and magazines. Since the beginning of social media Lyzabeth has actually graced seven fitness magazine covers – eight if you include this one!

Today she trains thousands of women around the world and teaches them to understand training, nutrition and their bodies.

“It means the world to me to have the opportunity to teach women about eating real food and how to work with their natural bodies so they don’t go through what I did. Seeing them learn, get excited about the results and be healthy means so much to me,” she says.

Not only does Lyzabeth inspire her clients but she inspires her followers all over the world.

“It’s amazing to have the opportunity to touch so many lives. When I post, I post for those with a thirst for knowledge and who want to be motivated. The goal is not to just show my body all day, it’s all about motivation and learning. I want to help women gain power over of their bodies by gaining knowledge,” she says.

By never giving up on her goals and staying determined no matter what obstacles she faced, Lyzabeth has achieved more than she ever imagined. 

“It’s been a blessing that was made possible through amazing team work, perseverance and a belief that anything is possible,” she says. 



Pre-breakfast: Cardio, water and BCAAs
Breakfast: Chia cereal and 2 slices of organic turkey bacon
Snack: Freshly squeezed veggie juice and protein shake
Lunch: Steak salad and small sweet potato
Workout: Upper body and abs
Post-workout: Protein shake with glutamine and simple sugar
Dinner: Cauliflower soup, chicken, broccoli, carrots and peas
Snack: 20 grams of dark chocolate


Pre-breakfast: Cardio, water and BCAA
Breakfast: Super foods cereal with almond milk
Snack: 150-calorie low-sugar protein bar and fresh veggie juice
Lunch: Ground turkey with veggies in romaine wraps
Workout: Legs
Post-workout: 4 eggs (2 whole, 2 whites), veggies, strawberries dipped in Sucanat sugar (post-workout protein/simple sugar for recovery)
Dinner: Chicken and asparagus
Snack: Protein ice cream (home made recipe: frozen fruit, protein powder, coconut milk and chia)


Pre-breakfast: Cardio, water and BCAA
Breakfast: Organic omelette, organic bacon and asparagus
Snack: 35g dark chocolate and fresh veggie juice
Lunch: Lean ground turkey with homemade zucchini noodles
Workout: Shoulders, core and drills
Post-workout: Protein shake with fruit, veggies, 1 tsp dextrose and coconut milk
Dinner: Steak salad
Snack: Frozen mango and raspberries


Pre-breakfast: Cardio, water and BCAA
Breakfast: Chia cereal and 2 slices of organic turkey bacon
Snack: Fruit
Lunch: Zucchini soup, fish and small kale salad
Workout: Core and full-body drills
Post-workout: Protein shake with veggies, fruit, 1 tsp dextrose and coconut milk
Dinner: Jerk chicken salad and sweet potato fries (baked)
Snack: Protein shake


Pre-breakfast: Cardio, water and BCAA
Breakfast: Super foods cereal with rice milk
Snack: 150-calorie low-sugar protein bar
Lunch: Chicken and steamed mixed veggies
Workout: Legs
Post-workout: Protein shake
Dinner: Steak and veggie soup
Snack: 35g dark chocolate


Breakfast: Steak and asparagus
Snack: Omelette
Lunch: Jerk chicken salad
Workout: Pilates/yoga/bike ride or rest
Post-workout: Fruit smoothie with protein
Dinner: Cheat meal usually
Snack: Something chocolate (not necessarily dark)


Pre-breakfast: Cardio, Pilates or yoga
Breakfast: Chia cereal and 2 slices of organic bacon
Snack: ½ a green protein smoothie
Lunch: Other ½ of green protein smoothie and chocolate chip cookie
Workout: HIIT drills/Tabata drills/Pilates or rest
Post-workout: Chicken stir fry
Dinner: Fish and asparagus
Snack: Protein ice cream (home-made)

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