Six Ways to Cut Stress!

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Six Ways to Cut Stress!

Don't sweat the small stuff! Relax your mind and body with these strategies.

By Paige Greenfield, May 25, 2013


  1. Stay consistent with your workouts, even when traveling. One way to do it is researching what equipment will be available at your hotel and create a program tailored to the facility, advises Julie Bonnett, physique consultant from Canada. You can also plan several jogging routes before you arrive so you can exercise while exploring your surroundings.
  2. Stretch during your warm-up. “Sometimes it can be overwhelming to plan your workout beforehand, so stretching lightly first will help you establish what body parts are already sore and which are feeling fresh,” Bonnett says. “Then, create your workout to target the less-tired areas.” Listening to your body, rather than planning a full routine ahead of time, will save you time and make for a less stressful trip.
  3. Begin your day with your workout. The sooner you get it done, the less likely other obligations will stand in the way of fitting it in.
  4. Multitask during cardio. Write out your shopping list while on the upright bike, or time your treadmill run to watch your favorite TV show at the gym. “I even start laundry and throw a tray of chicken in the oven before one of my at-home fat-burning spin sessions,” Bonnett adds. With less to do after your training session, you’re more likely to feel calm.
  5. Keep a workout blog. Journal your workouts, or post a gym picture each day to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. When others know about your accomplishments, you will feel more accountable and be more motivated to make time for exercise.
  6. Make room in your wardrobe. Who doesn’t splurge on themselves occasionally? Each time you purchase a new item of clothing, get rid of one item in your closet that you no longer wear.

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