New Year, New You and New Career!

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New Year, New You and New Career!


A recent study found that only 24 per cent of Australians and New Zealanders actually like going to work (Gallup 2013). Are you part of this 24 per cent? Or are you part of the other 76 per cent that can only dream of what it’s like to go to work excited about the day? Well, Oxygen is here to help. If you’re passionate about health and fitness and are looking for a career change in 2016, perhaps a career in the fitness industry is what you need. To get you on your way to a life-changing career (that will make you LOVE going to work each day), we’ve rounded up some of your training options in Australia. It’s now up to you to make it happen!








 Onfit specialises in quality online courses for the fitness industry, now and into the future.

 In addition to the Certificate III and IV in Fitness (SIS30313 & SIS40210), they offer the following exclusive qualifications:

  •  Diploma of NeuroPhysics Training: one of the most advanced forms of training and rehabilitation in the world
  • Altitude Training: training at new heights
  • PadMasters: the only online accredited boxing course

These qualifications have evolved from unique partnerships driven by their esteemed reputation as quality fitness educators.

Onfit is committed to challenging, changing, influencing and improving the fitness industry and is dedicated to providing quality education for Onfit graduates so they can make their mark in the industry!

What Makes Onfit So Good?

  • They are pioneers in online education with a decade of experience
  • They provide after-hours and weekend support and friendly tutors, career advisors, admin and IT support staff who are passionate, experienced and love helping students succeed!  
  • Their state-of-the-art online learning system aids fast and easy learning. You can study at your own pace, wherever you want

SPECIAL OFFER: Start your career in fitness with Onfit and receive the Business Essentials Course (valued at $990) as a bonus! This course has been developed in collaboration with fitness businesses to ensure you’re ready to excel in the fitness industry.

Get started today by visiting www.onfit.edu.au




A solid performance requires strong foundations and building blocks. Power, strength, speed and agility cannot be increased without movement skills and this is why Perform Better trains movement.

Providing ongoing training courses and accreditation for fitness professionals as well as products and resources that focus on functional training and movement, Perform Better prepares the body functionally to ‘compete and in everyday life complete’.

Their reputation is one of high quality with great customer service and knowledge from trainers and presenters who have many years of industry experience. They look at the body as a unit and focus on a strong core and the ability to move effectively with strength and power through all planes of motion.

Perform Better’s foundations come from the best in the world of sports conditioning, strength and conditioning and movement specialists. They give you the latest research from around the globe on what the professionals are doing right now with the top competitors in the world! This means you don’t just learn from a system that worked ten years ago.

Be inspired, be prepared and be ahead of the game – don’t just take part in it!

Get started today by visiting www.perform-better.com.au

You can also follow them on Facebook: perform better Australia.



Delivering fitness courses throughout Australia, the Academy of Fitness gives you the option of studying online or face to face. You can get started with your studies with no upfront costs – simply pay as you go! You can also take advantage of contacting one of the academy's friendly career advisors to receive career advice FREE of charge. Plus you will get FREE introductions to fitness employers throughout Australia! Whether you are looking for a part-time job or to run your own personal training business, the Academy of Fitness can help you every step of the way. The Academy of Fitness courses are nationally and internationally recognised so you can work anywhere in Australia or overseas.

Meet Arnaliese, a current student with the Academy. Arnaliese is a perfect example of how easy it is to make a career change at any point in your life. Originally working in the finance industry, Arnaliese found that her personal passion for fitness meant she was in high demand from her friends and family for fitness and health advice. She decided to turn her passion into a full-time occupation and her first step was to enrol into the Certificate III and IV in Fitness with the Academy of Fitness. With the assistance of the Academy of Fitness, Arnaliese now has all the skills and knowledge required to set up a successful outdoor personal training business!

To learn more about becoming a qualified personal trainer, contact the Academy of Fitness on 1300 650 198 or www.academyoffitness.com.au

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