Detoxification For Cellulite

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Detoxification For Cellulite


Cellulite is the lumpy, bumpy, dimply fatty tissue that can be seen on people’s hips, thighs, buttocks, lower back, lower abdomen and backs of the arms. 

But what is it exactly? Cellulite is a combination of things happening within the first few millimetres under the surface of the skin. 

Fat storage sites under the skin are held in small compartments made of connective tissue, elastin and collagen. When these fat cells swell as they fill up with fat and toxins, the connective tissue compartment is supposed to be able to hold the fat cells in an organised compartment. Between the fat and the skin is a layer called the dermis that is supposed to be full and plump and spongy enough to hide any changes in the fat layers beneath. 

Cellulite happens when the fat cells swell and the connective tissue compartment cannot contain the swelling fat cells and some of the bands snap under the pressure. This causes areas where the fat cells explode up and out of the compartment causing a bump on the skin surface. When the area where the connective tissue has lost elasticity but hasn’t snapped and is still pinned down, this creates a trough or dimple. When this is combined with lack of dermal collagen integrity these changes are not hidden by the plumpy dermis and the subcutaneous changes are reflected on the surface of the skin as dimples, lumps and bumps.


There are two main causes for cellulite:
1. Fat cells over full; or
2. Weak dermal connective tissue, collagen and elastin.

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