Banging bikini body nutrition plan

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Banging bikini body nutrition plan

The first thing that appears when you type ‘summer body’ into Google is things like ‘four-week diet to a killer summer
body’ and ‘bikini body 30-day countdown’. These types of agendas focus on strict dieting and exercise regimes that usually leave people feeling lethargic and undernourished.

On the flip side, the first thing that springs to my mind when I think of summer is glowing skin, picnics at the beach and all the delicious, fresh foods that can be shared with family and friends on those warm summer evenings.

As an accredited practising dietitian, I encourage people to eat for life, not solely for summer. Nutrition is all about eating to stay happy and healthy and can have a huge impact on how well you feel, how much energy you have and
how in shape you stay.

Admittedly, most of us  would also like to have a trimmer figure to fit into that itty-bitty bikini. So in order to manage your weight but also have more energy, help delay the effects of ageing and boost your mood, here are some handy hints to follow not only in those warmer months, but all year round.

Have a positive attitude towards food:
Rather than focusing on the foods that you shouldn’t eat, focus on the taste-bud-tantalising foods you CAN eat. What can beat a juicy mango or sweet watermelon, a crisp green salad or a perfectly cooked piece of fish?

Moderation is key:
You will hear this again and again but don’t put pressure on yourself to eat ‘perfectly’ all the time. Eating well involves a good balance. If 90 per cent of what you eat is nutritious, then allow the remaining 10 per cent to be a treat or indulgence.

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