Firm Glutes Fast by Lyzabeth Lopez

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Firm Glutes Fast by Lyzabeth Lopez

With the glute muscles more popular than ever, social media powerhouse and master trainer Lyzabeth Lopez is here to show you how to get your behind perky, firm and toned. 

Using the cable machine, Lyzabeth has designed a workout in which your buns will burn! Cable machines can be found in most gyms and are a great tool to use to target and isolate one muscle at a time – like the glutes! If you’re yet to jump on a cable machine, it’s time to give it a go. Not only are they simple to use but they help you to maintain proper form and technique. 

Plus, if you’re short on time, with the cable machine, you don’t have to pack away your weights or other equipment so you can get in, get it done and then get out and enjoy your strong and rounded glutes. 

As with any exercises, variety is important so if you train your glutes twice a week, opt for one cable workout and one workout with more traditional and functional moves like squats, deadlifts and lunges. If you only train your glutes once a week, try alternating so you do a cable workout every other week.



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