Making time for what's important

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Making time for what's important

Like many of us, Katie Stevens constantly found herself saying “I don’t have time” or “I’m too busy.” Too busy to train or eat right, she used this mentality as an excuse to set aside her biggest goals and dreams. One day while Katie was running a promotional modelling agency full-time, she went to support a friend at his first fitness competition. As she watched the fitness competition, she realised the people on stage didn’t make excuses, they trained hard and ate right and Katie became determined to have a body like the women she saw on stage. After saying goodbye to her excuses, she gave herself a deadline, committed to a coach and was more motivated than ever to make her fitness dreams a reality.

Katie grew up living a fit and healthy lifestyle. Her parents owned a gym, so it was second nature to her to take care of herself. As she got older, she became busier and some of the things she learnt began to fade away.

However, once she had a clear idea of what her goals were, she began to realise how important prioritising is.

“Hard work and commitment come with sacrifice. I’ve learned that it’s okay to miss events here and there to put my health first,” she says.


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