The Cherry on the Cake - Supplements

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The Cherry on the Cake - Supplements


SUCCESSFUL USE OF NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTATION REQUIRES UNDERSTANDING WHAT WORKS AND WHEN TO USE IT, IF AT ALL. The days of having a supplement collection piled high in your cupboard and just hoping for the best are gone. Now, we can take a smart and research-based approach to nutritional supplementation and get the most out of our training and see the results we’re after.

First things first, you should understand why you are taking everything you buy and make sure your training and nutrition are already on track before hitting the supplement store. If you can’t explain to someone why you are using a certain supplement – stop taking it until you learn more!

The supplements that are well-supported by research have relatively minor effects on performance and body composition, especially in comparison to proper training and nutrition. Supplements offer the cherry on the cake, but they need a solid base to sit on.

If you want to make the most of nutritional supplementation, you need to train hard and smart, eat well and make recovery a priority. This will lay the ideal foundation for nutrition supplementation to enhance your performance and body composition.

You’ve probably already heard that before, but it is the truth. If supplements were the only answer, we wouldn’t waste time training hard, improving nutrition and developing new skills. However they aren’t, so keep on doing what you’re doing and use nutritional supplementation as an add-on!



Tom is a nutritionist and personal trainer who specialises in body re-composition for busy people. He favours a progressive approach to nutrition and training, focusing on implementing strategies that reflect his client’s goals, experience and lifestyle. Tom can be found working at Integrated Fitness and Nutrition in the Canberra CBD or struggling to convert time differences with his long-distance clients. For more information visit www.integratedfitnessnutrition.com

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