What Every Body Builder Should Know

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What Every Body Builder Should Know

In bodybuilding, as in any other discipline, there is much speculation surrounding the various methods and processes underpinning the ways in which to succeed. These speculations often lead to confusion and frustration on the part of the aspiring bodybuilder. The following are the top five facts which are guaranteed to improve anyone’s physique.

  1. Lift Progressively Heavier Weights

A fundamental requirement for anyone wanting to achieve size is to increase the amount of weight lifted from session to session. This increases the intensity of the session and ensures the muscles are subjected to sufficient stress, which will, in turn, elicit results. The truth is: the only way to progress in bodybuilding is to subject the muscles to a greater level of intensity on a continual basis, commonly known as progressive resistance training.

  1. Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep is crucial for many reasons. For bodybuilders, sleep will assist the protein synthesis and also help to mentally recharge the lifter for their next training session. Sleep also assists testosterone and growth hormone manufacture.

It is also important to eat a high-protein meal before retiring to bed, and one immediately upon rising. An adequate amount of sleep is considered to be undisturbed over a seven to nine hour period. To get this amount of sleep we recommend to:

  • Take a warm bath before retiring
  • Listen to relaxing music
  • Eat a small amount of carbohydrates
  • Go to bed at the same time each night
  • Don't watch television in bed
  • Avoid alcohol and cigarettes


  1. Develop A Positive Mental Attitude

Thinking positively will enhance the muscle-building process in a number of ways. Your quality of training will improve if you are able to approach each session with confidence and an expectation that you will achieve your training goals. If you are experiencing negative feelings, this will have a negative impact on your training.

  1. Avoid Overtraining

A major problem affecting many over-enthusiastic lifters is overtraining. The condition of overtraining comprises a number of symptoms, which can destroy motivation and rob the bodybuilder of any possibility of continued growth. If you are striving for large increases in muscle mass, you need to make sure you do not push your body to the limit; realise that rest is just as essential in muscle building as intense training. Failure to rest adequately might result in an over-trained state.

Symptoms of overtraining can be both physical and psychological and can include, elevated waking pulse rate, elevated morning blood pressure, increased joint and muscle-aches, headaches and tremors, tiredness, listlessness, insomnia, loss or decrease in appetite, injury, illness, chronic fatigue, insatiable thirst or dehydration.

Prevent overtraining by:

  • Limiting training sessions to 45-minutes or less to lessen the protein degradation that results from pronounced cortisol release.
  • Ensuring adequate relaxation and sleep.
  • Making gradual increases in training intensity over a period of time rather than working maximally from the outset.
  • Occasionally taking days-off to help renew enthusiasm and, more importantly, off-set the preliminary stages of overtraining.
  • Eating a nutritious diet with sufficient vitamins and minerals along with the bodybuilder’s best friend, protein.

  1. Use Supplements

The bodybuilding diet should serve as a solid foundation for one’s training program. Many enhance their programs with the inclusion of supplements. Supplements, as their name suggests, should supplement ones diet, not serve as its basis.

Various supplements can be immensely valuable as they supply important nutrients, and other anabolic compounds in a convenient, concentrated, package. Nutrients Direct is one place bodybuilders can go to find supplements that will compliment any diet.

The market is flooded with different types of supplements, and the nutrition industry is growing by the day, so consumer interest is certainly strong. This is because with the addition of a supplement, such as protein bars, drinks and powders in their diet, bodybuilders continue to see the results they are getting.

A final word

Many bodybuilders spend a great deal of their time looking for certain secrets to further their aspirations. In bodybuilding there are no secrets. What has been tried and tested, and shown to work remain the same and include: progressive resistance training, protein intake, sleep, positive attitude, aerobic training, fat intake, overtraining avoidance, supplementation and a willingness to become educated.

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