Supercharge Your Fat Loss

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Supercharge Your Fat Loss

LIFE GETS IN THE WAY AT TIMES. WHILE YOU MAY LOVE YOUR WORKOUTS AND MAKE THEM A PRIORITY, LET’S BE HONEST, THERE ARE MANY OTHER IMPORTANT THINGS IN YOUR LIFE TOO. I have designed a supercharged fat-loss workout for busy women who work hard, play hard and are short on time.

To receive the greatest training effect in the shortest time possible, this is designed as a total-body workout that alternates upper- and lower-body exercises. In this manner, blood has to be shunted back and forth between the two, creating a greater metabolic demand on the body.

You are also going to be lifting heavy weights for a moderate repetition range; between six to eight reps. A very common myth in the fitness industry is that you should be doing high reps for fat loss. While high reps are a useful tool, women need to incorporate heavy lifting into their routine as well if they are to achieve maximal fat loss.

Heavy lifting enables you to tap into a greater proportion of your muscle fibres that wouldn’t otherwise be activated. Combining heavy lifting with shorter rest periods increases the metabolic cost of the workout, translating into improved fat loss and body composition.

To further the fat-loss effect, slow down the eccentric component (the lowering phase) of each exercise. Lowering the weight slowly over four seconds will increase the time under tension.

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