"I want to teach my son how to WORK HARD FOR YOUR GOALS”

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“MY LOVE OF FITNESS BEGAN AT AN EARLY AGE; PLAYING DIFFERENT SPORTS AND WATCHING MY FATHER WORK OUT IN THE GARAGE EVERY DAY. Inspired, on New Year’s Day, 2000, I began running. I also began writing exercise routines, setting goals and following these through.

I realised that I was good at reaching goals. I had an incredibly sweet tooth, but to practise discipline, I kept a shoe box in my room, filled with chocolate. I knew that I could have it any time I wanted, but I wasn’t going to touch it. In the end, the box sat there for two years, the contents uneaten.

When I was 19 years old I became pregnant with my son, Cameron. He is my inspiration for working hard and to continue to chase my dreams. If there’s one thing I want to teach him, it’s how to work hard for something, no matter what struggles you face. It wasn't always easy raising him alone and trying to make ends meet.

Setting and Reaching Goals
Through the years I managed to earn a BA in psychology, MA in mental health counselling, and personal training and group fit certifications. I worked as a trainer on a military base and now for the UNC Wellness Centre in North Carolina. Helping people to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals, and becoming more confident in their life brought so much
happiness to me. It wasn’t an easy time though. The late nights I stayed up studying, working a couple jobs at a time, raising a child alone, and trying to make ends meet financially, while trying to find balance to create my own healthy lifestyle.

The Moment that Changed Me
There was a time in my life where I hit rock bottom. My body finally was feeling the results of being overworked, stressed and heartbroken. I knew that if I didn't at least have good
health, that my dreams would be ruined. So one day I decided to make a change. Sometimes you just have that moment that snaps you out of the funk you're in and makes you
change your ways. Mine was the time my son’s father walked out and left us with nothing. It was then that I rebuilt my life. At this point, I'd been studying psychology for a number of years and began putting my theories to test. I closed down social media, turned off the cable and began journaling. I redirected my thought process from negative to positive, and replaced all the toxic things with energising things; this included people. Anyone who was not supportive or bringing sunshine into my life was not allowed in it. I promised myself
that I would protect my happiness no matter what.

Finding my Way
I spent a whole year retraining my mind to be strong and solid. The following year I took my fitness to the next level and lost 18 kilos. Competing in the Fitness Universe competition in Miami helped me find my confidence again. I found my faith, my strength, my hope, inner peace and love. Most of all I found the balance I was looking for. My son was beside me
the entire time, and to this day still talks about how he watched me make my dream come true. I know that through the struggles he was able to witness his mum being strong and
taking on the world. These days, I am not competing. But I am still living a healthy lifestyle. I’m maintaining a solid weight, training hard and eating clean daily. My son works out with me every day and even helps to prepare healthy meals. My goal in life is to continue to live my passion in health and fitness and treat each person that steps into my life needing
guidance with respect and love. As we venture through their journey to personal growth, I treat them as a whole package and have a holistic view on fitness and health. We focus on eating whole food from the earth, exercising daily and keeping it fun and exercising mind and spirit as well along with the physical body. My approach to life is that there will always be
thunderstorms. You just have to learn how to dance in the rain when times get rough.”

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