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Lindy Olsen and Alicia Marie


What's your diet plan like? What's your number one tip to stick to a diet plan?
I don’t follow a diet plan as such, as I think that forcing yourself to eat a specific thing on a specific day is a recipe for disaster. Consciously making a healthy choice is the only way to permanently change your behaviour everyday. This is why I created the 7 Rules. They allow you to choose what you’d like to eat for every meal, as long as you keep within the guidelines. With complete freedom of food choice, it has allowed myself and so many other people to break free of the diet merry-go-round.

What does your training program involve? How do you ensure you meet your training commitments each day?
As a working mum it’s so hard to get my training in but I have to make time, even when there is none. This means that my training needs to be as effective as possible in the shortest time possible. I do a lot of functional training and compound movements that not only get my heart rate up, but force my entire body to move as nature intended. My workouts range from 15 to 45 minutes maximum and many of them are on my website for everyone to see.


What's your diet plan like? What's your number one tip to stick to a diet plan?
As you might know, I began competing this year. I have always loved the stage. It’s a chance to meet my fellow hard-core women. Oh, and competing is great motivation to take my body, training and abilities to the next level. So, my diet is pretty tight. I stay away from simple sugars and substitute with Stevia powder or coconut sugar, which my body (and abs) seem to love. I eat five small, high protein meals a day. My carbs come in the form of rice, potatoes, oats and veggies.

Things not in my “Tight Body=Tight Diet” plan are alcohol, simple carbs and dairy. I try to keep up my water intake too; when I am dehydrated, my body tells me ‘we need water and lots of it’ this is especially the case when training hard and sweating daily. I live for my raspberries, blackberries and blueberries – I can treat myself to watermelon as long as I am not too close to a show or shoot. My cheats usually only happen once or twice a week.

My number one tip to stick to a diet plan is to VISUALISE. It’s really easy for me to avoid junk because in my heart I know I like my body to look and feel a certain way – and that the wrong stuff at the wrong time won’t get me closer to my goals. If cupcakes are standing between my tight abs, and me, I choose tights abs every time.

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