There was no way I was getting on stage, let alone half naked, if I wasn’t in shape!

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There was no way I was getting on stage, let alone half naked, if I wasn’t in shape!

Kristy convinced herself that she would remain at this weight for the rest of her life, however after splitting with her husband she decided to step outside of her comfort zone and to do something for herself. She chose to compete. “I battled with eating disorders like a lot of young people. This was an on and off thing till I was in my early 20’s,” Tierney says. “I would starve myself to be skinny and although I was, I still never really liked my body. I had no muscle and a lot of loose bits.”

After two babies Kristy felt unhappy with her appearance yet again. “There were so many times I would avoid buying clothes because I couldn’t be bothered trying things on and I never liked how I looked in anything,” Tierney says. But once Kristy decided she wanted to compete, her whole outlook on health and fitness changed. “There was no way I was getting on stage let alone half naked if I wasn’t in shape! I had to reset my way of thinking and keep telling myself that giving my body food is not going to make me fat, as long as it’s the right food,” Tierney says.


She focused on cardio and light weights with high reps and began to see changes. She got serious about her food as she realised how much food can alter your moods. By learning more about her body and how it worked, Kristy became a happier and more confident person. “I feel amazing now! I love that I can enjoy food without feeling guilty. I’m happier and comfortable in my body, which I never thought I would be. I look back and wonder why I didn’t do what I’m doing now sooner!” Tierney says.


These days she mainly does heavy weights with lower reps. She is focused on building muscles and remaining in tune with her body. Kristy has overcome eating disorders, lost weight
and completely changed her mindset, but her biggest accomplishment she feels was when her kids saw her competing. “The biggest highlight for me was standing on stage and seeing my children looking up at me with the proudest looks on their faces yelling out ‘GO MUM!’ Whether I placed or didn’t place, I had already won in their eyes. That made me so happy,” Tierney says.

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