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“Gaining weight to reach 80kgs definitely did not happen overnight. I was the average teenager, who loved going out with friends, eating fast food, partying and drinking. With drinking came the usual Sunday hangover, which meant I would eat more carb-loaded foods: a continual cycle. Even though through these years I was somewhat active, it just wasn’t enough in comparison to the food and drinks I was consuming."

Throughout high school I would go through phases where I would join a gym, train for a few months, get bored and move on. I never truly understood the whole fitness lifestyle until now.


The Wakeup-Call

It was the day after my 21st birthday. The night before I’d had a fantastic party to celebrate. I wore a coral dress with shapewear underneath to suck me in. I am a bit taller than average height for a girl so it took me a while to realise I was gaining weight.

I was of course hung-over after the party, and had a McDonald’s breakfast to help me recover. I was casually looking through Facebook when I came across what turned out to be the catalyst for my new life; a photo from the night before. I was mortified at how big I had gotten.

Of course for a few weeks I tried to deny it and when I told my friends how I felt they would simply reply “don’t be silly you’re not fat!”.

Even though I wasn’t overly large, I was not at all happy with how I’ve let go of my weight. I kept putting off getting on the scales until I figured it might be the only thing that would shock me back to shape.

I bought some scales (I’d gotten rid of mine when I began gaining weight), and had a huge shock. I weighed 80kgs – the largest I had ever been. It was one of the hardest days of my life, knowing no one else was to blame but me, for gaining over 20kgs in less than two years.


Making Changes

That was the day I joined a gym. This time I decided I wasn’t going to do excessive exercise or any silly fad diets (which I have done in the past). After my first week at the gym, I got a personal trainer whom I saw once a week. I found that she helped keep me accountable for my training, making sure I was consistent. I found that I loved weights, so my workout was predominantly made up of these. Women definitely should not be afraid to do weights it’s a wonderful way to build muscle mass and sculpt your body into a toned figure.

Whilst I was training I was also researching healthy recipes. I tried to change my meals every week so I wouldn’t get bored. I ate a lot of fruit, yogurts, nuts, lean proteins and veggies. I even discovered a way to battle my sweet tooth with protein chocolate balls.


The Struggles

It wasn’t all smooth sailing to say the least. There were some days - even weeks - where I would completely fall off the wagon and find it hard to refocus. Especially the times when I wouldn’t see any changes in my body, and I felt that I was never going to get there. I was lucky enough to be on the weight loss journey with my best friend Kylie. We motivated each other to keep going. She was truly my rock, my therapist ,and my motivator throughout this whole journey. It really helps to have someone who understands and to turn to when times get tough.

I also turned to social media for inspiration; platforms like Instagram can be used as a tool to follow other fit and healthy individuals out there. I pushed through all the struggles and manage to lose 20kgs in 6 months!


The Decision

I finally reached a weight that I was comfortable with and I wanted to take it to the next level. This is when I decided I was going to compete in a bodybuilding competition! I asked my partner Ryan what he thought and he said go for it!

I went and saw the amazing Kathy Villa who is now my competition coach, trainer, mentor and friend. She decided to take me on as we both decided I would compete in fitness model.

I had 18 weeks to prep for the ANB Fitness Mania Competition, Kathy guided me though it all; the good times and the tougher times. She has given me the resources and knowledge that got me on that stage.

After my first competition, my partner Ryan proposed and we are now happily married. Our wedding day was one of the best days of my life. Even though I didn’t go onto to place at my first competition, I already felt like a winner before I’d even stepped on stage.

Since my first season I have been featured in bodybuildings magazine and even became a calendar girl – these are achievements I never thought were possible.”



“My training is broken up into 5 days in which I focus on one specific muscle group.”

  • Monday: Back and abs. 20 min HIIT session
  • Tuesday: Quads and calves. 20 min HIIT session
  • Wednesday: Morning HIIT. Chest and biceps. 20 mins HIIT
  • Thursday: active rest day (beach walk)
  • Friday: Hamstrings and abs. 20 mins HIIT session
  • Saturday: active rest day (beach walk)
  • Sunday: Shoulders and calves 



“My diet involves unprocessed lean proteins and vegetables. I eat every three hours to keep my metabolism going, and it gives me energy for the entire day. I always thought to lose weight you had to eat less, and I love the fact that I have to eat more!”


My Motivation

“I set small goals each month and when I achieve them I reward myself with some new gym clothes or a cute outfit. Whether the goal be fitness or to fit into a pair a jeans keep small but achievable goals.”



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