More Bang, Less Buzz

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More Bang, Less Buzz

More Bang, Less Buzz

If you are looking to get lean but don’t enjoy the jitters, check out these nonstimulant fat-loss supplements.



If you’re like most women, it’s no secret you want to lose fat and build muscle. In addition to the proper training and nutrition information you get every month from Oxygen, you also may want to consider adding supplements to your regimen.

One of the ingredients common to many is caffeine or caffeine like derivatives, and while eective for boosting metabolic rate and enhancing performance, it also can have an unpleasant effect on some women. The good news is, even if you hate caffeine, you can still give your diet a boost. Several non-stimulating ingredients can go a long way toward throwing your fat stores on the furnace.

One last word on fat-loss supplements: Proper training and nutrition are the pillars of your program. Only when these factors are in sync should you begin to investigate various dietary supplements and ingredients to further accelerate your fat-loss progress.

1. Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry ketone has gained more popularity thanks to various media sources and continued published science. Before a few years ago, initial fat-cell cultures and animal studies were the only outlets that provided the limited insight into this ingredient. The main mechanism of raspberry ketone and fat burning is by increasing various enzymes and adipokines associated with fat loss. A study published in 2013 in the International Society of Sports Nutrition was the first human study completed that as a part of a multi-ingredient product, raspberry ketone contributed to improvements in lean mass and fat mass, waist and hip ratio, and energy levels. Although the results are promising and there is currently a lack of human data for this ingredient, it certainly makes raspberry ketone an appealing strategy for fat loss.

2. Forskolin

Forskolin is produced by the Indian Coleus plant (Coleus forskohlii), and has been studied in research to alter cell metabolism. Although human studies are currently limited, it does point to positive outcomes. A study published in Obesity had 30 obese subjects supplement with a forskolin extract or placebo for 12 weeks. The forskolin groups experienced a reduction in body fat of 11.2 per cent, while those taking a placebo achieved only a 4 per cent improvement. Further, a study conducted from the University of Memphis had university-age women supplement with 500 milligrams a day of forskolin for 12 weeks. Although minor, those consuming it showed greater improvement in body mass, fat mass and fat-free mass compared to the placebo group. Based on the science, forskolin appears to be welltolerated and has a favourable impact on weight loss and body fat.

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