What do you find is the best way to beat stress?

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What do you find is the best way to beat stress?

We all get stressed from time to time, or perhaps even on a daily basis! Our Oxy Cover Girls share their top tips on how to stress less.

What do you find is the best way to beat stress?

PENNY LOMAS: IT’S GOOD TO LET YOUR FEELINGS – PARTICULARLY STRESS – OUT, OTHERWISE IT BECOMES BOTTLED UP. Every day I write in my notebook and gratitude diary: I write down my inner thoughts, goals, plans and feelings. This helps me stay centred and focused, but also releases any stress I have at the time. It’s good to let your feelings – particularly stress – out, otherwise it becomes bottled up. I am a bit of a softy, so stress does affect me easily. Over the years I have learnt to deal with it through stress-management strategies. I know my personality type: I need alone time and a quiet pace of life to stay on top of situations and be able to handle problems when they pop up. For me, managing my cortisol levels means keeping my food and supplements on track and getting adequate sleep. I also take time out to pamper myself once a week, whether it’s an acupuncture appointment, massage, sauna or simply a coffee and a book in a quiet café.

JUSTINE SWITALLA: Having some downtime is super important for anyone wanting to de-stress. These days there is always stuff to do, and our lives are just getting busier and crazier by the day, but we must learn to take time out for ourselves and get away from the madness. Whether you catch up with friends and family as often as you can for social time, or whether you go away on a holiday or long weekend every three to four months, it’s imperative to schedule
some time for you. Life will chew you up and spit you out if you let it, so you have to learn to find a way that works for you and your family so that you feel like you are getting time to yourself to let go of the stress. The other thing that helps me (and others) with stress is exercise. I USE EXERCISE AS ‘ME TIME’ AND IT HELPS ME TO BE A BETTER PERSON, MOTHER, PARTNER ETC. It gives me time to think and I feel good about myself just knowing that I am doing something positive for my body.

SKYE CUSHWAY: I try to keep my stress levels down by making sure I do my meditation and yoga on a regular basis. At times when I feel overwhelmed and over-worked, I make sure I sleep and eat right. I also make sure I have at least one day per week of complete rest and go to a movie or have a foot massage to completely disconnect from the world. When I arrive home from a hectic day I burn some essential oil and light some candles: this helps me relax and wind
down. I have to be consistent with these simple things for a stress-free life as I can easily slip into a state of stress and anxiety. I really do try to live in the present moment because if we are constantly worrying about things that haven’t even happened yet we can create more stress then we need. As I get older, I’m finding that I stress less and less. So
be consistent and do little things to help you have a happier existence.

LESLEY MAXWELL: Stress is an emotion that can be redirected and very useful to you. When you’re stressed your liver releases more sugar into your blood ensuring you’re ready for action. When I’m stressed, I do a really intense workout as I find I have more energy than usual. A power walk with some extra step-ups along the way will also help me feel relaxed while listening to my favourite music or walking with a friend. Some people turn to food to combat stress, but why not actually learn to harness this powerful emotion and redirect stress to your advantage. Remember, we always have a choice.

SHARNA BENDER: Putting on my favourite headphones and listening to loud beats instantly puts me in a better mood
and picks up my energy levels. If no one is in the house I might even bust out a dance move or two! Heading to the gym is one of the best ways I can de-stress from a bad day. Exercising and releasing all those amazing endorphins is one of the best treatments for stress and mild depression. High levels of endorphins in the body are are known to reduce pain and the negative effects of stress. So for me it’s all about those endorphins and just knowing I have done
something great for myself. Every night before I go to sleep I take 10 minutes to meditate. I find that as soon as my head hits the pillow I end up thinking about a trillion different things and can’t switch off. If I meditate it seems to clear my mind of all the things that cause me to overthink and stress. It has me relaxed and asleep in no time. If stress is really getting to me and I can’t seem to overcome it, a trip to see my therapist always makes me feel better. Some people have mixed feelings about going to see a therapist, but sometimes it is helpful to talk about things that may be
bothering you. Stress causes so many negative effects on your mind, body and soul. So dealing with your daily stresses before they get out of hand is a great way to keep you fit, healthy, happy and young!

LINDY OLSEN: I try to use stress as a positive energy. When I’m stressed instead of getting bogged down in my ‘to-do’ list, I tackle my tasks head-on. I find that if I do this, then I can think more clearly and become more productive, so I try to deal with the biggest (and worst) problems first, which gives me a sense of achievement. I also use exercise as time for myself - to clear my head and to think about various issues from another angle. And of course, just giving my
daughter a cuddle and going to the park with her in the sunshine and fresh air tends to help put things into perspective!

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