Zap fat even faster!

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Zap fat even faster!

Zap fat even faster!

No matter what your goal, we’ve got the plan to get you there!


You may already know how many calories you burn during your fave cardio workout, but did you know that by adding the right tweaks, you can blast even more calories in the same amount of time? “Changing just a few simple variables within your workout can blast more fat, and prevent
you from falling into a rut with your routine, so your body – and brain – always stay engaged,” explains Heather Dillinger, master specialist for the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. Squeezing more results out of your routine may take a little extra effort, but because we’ve already done the math for you, all you need to decide is how many more cals you want to scorch. We’ve taken three of the most popular aerobic activities  and divulged the easiest way to burn roughly one hundred calories with each. If you only have a few kilos to lose, simply stick to the initial speed and time recommended to burn one hundred cals, or repeat the sequence as many times as necessary to fill the duration of your typical workout  (usually 30 to 60 minutes). However, if your goals go beyond shedding a few kilos, we’ve provided you with the easiest ways to add intensity – not extra time  – to the same program. Try all of our tweaks, and you’ll be able to eke out 15 to as much as 75 per cent more fat-torching results from each  workout.

Fat-blast plan # 1 - running

To burn 100 calories, hop on a treadmill and run at 8km/h pace with a 1% incline for 12 minutes.

Fat-blast plan # 2 - cycling

To burn one hundred calories, pedal at a pace and resistance that raises your pulse to between 55 -70% of your maximum heart rate for roughly 15 minutes.

Fat-blast plan #3 - skipping rope

To burn 100 calories, skip with both feet together at a moderate pace – about a hundred to 120 rotations per minute – for 10 minutes.

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