Hang with strong chicks

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Hang with strong chicks

Hang with strong chicks


Models: Dianne Geddes & Diana Chaloux

You ramp up your routine, your gear and your diet, but now, research is showing that if you’re looking to perform better in the gym, you might also want to consider upgrading your . . . workout bud?

In a new study published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine, women who trained on a  stationary bike exercised twice as long when they were asked to compete against a virtual partner who they were told had performed better than
them on a previous cycling exercise. The best part? Even though they stuck it out longer, they didn’t feel any more tired than participants who trained alone for shorter periods.

Based on these findings, the researchers suggest that finding a workout partner who is 40% stronger than you are is the “sweet spot” for exercise motivation. Instead of running your circle of friends through rigorous fitness testing to nail down the percentage, however, just keep this tip in mind: choose a workout partner who challenges you without pushing you to extremes or towards overtraining.


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