Sculpt strong legs for summer

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Sculpt strong legs for summer

Sculpt strong legs for summer


As the old saying goes, “summer bodies are made in winter”. If winter hasn’t been your season, though, don’t fear! We’ve still got spring to shape a beach body your friends will envy. So let’s turn up the heat on your legs in time for you to slip on your short shorts this summer.

If you’ve got a barbell, set of dumbbells or a medicine ball lying around your house, you’re already set to start sculpting smoking legs. All you need to do now is use the equipment you have to perform each of these moves with a weight that allows you to complete the number of repetitions appropriate to your fitness level (beginner, intermediate or advanced). There’s no set order for the moves, so mix it up each workout to keep your legs guessing. You might even like to mix up the equipment you use for each exercise each week. There’s nothing like variety to keep a workout interesting and fresh.

If you haven’t got any equipment, that’s no excuse. This workout can still get fantastic results by only using your bodyweight, so let’s start sculpting!

Beginners: If you’re only starting out, try doing one or two sets of 8-10 reps (per leg) with a maximum of one minute rest between sets. You can do this regime twice a week, but be sure to leave at least 48 hours between workouts.

Intermediate:  Do 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps (per leg) with 45 seconds rest between each set. Have a go at doing this workout 2-3 times per week with at least 24 hours between each.

Advanced: If you’ve been training for a while, try taking on 3-4 sets of 12-15 legs (per leg). Rest for 30 seconds between sets and aim to complete this regime three times each week with enough time to recover in between. For example, you could schedule this for Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Reverse lunge off step

Target muscles: quadriceps, gluteus maximus, hamstrings, gastrocnemius

Set-up: Place the barbell across the ‘thick’ part of your shoulders and stand on the step with feet hip-width apart.

Action: Take a large step back with one leg and slowly lower into a lunge. Once your knees are at 90-degree angles, push off your back foot and return to feet hip-width apart on the step. Repeat with opposite foot, alternating for the suggested reps.


Tip: Keep your abs switched on, shoulders back and chest proud to maintain perfect posture.





Medicine ball – Hold the ball close to your chest, or if you’re looking for a greater challenge, above your head. You also have the option of rotating the ball from side-to-side while in the lunge position for additional ab work.



Dumbbells – You have the options of holding one dumbbell in each hand and swapping as you swap your legs or a dumbbell in each hand. Either way, hold the dumbbells close to your shoulders or at your sides.




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