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By Olivia Amourgis | Images by Jason Ellis


It’s difficult to imagine growing up between family and foster care. The permanence of a single childhood home with family is often taken for granted by those who were lucky enough to experience it; the sense of unconditional love, security and care is merely expected. So what happens when you spend your younger years enduring the instability of shuffling back and forth between homes? According to Paige, you can let it make or break you.

“A lot of people who have gone through child abuse, foster care or any type of hardship at a young age make excuses in their adult life instead of using their trials to make them strong and individualistic,” Paige says.

It’s clear Paige hasn’t chosen the ‘excuses’ path – how can you when you’re in the shape she is? Instead of letting her “broken” childhood hold her back, Paige has used her experiences to build a strong, confident, successful woman she can be proud of.

“Just because you come from nothing doesn’t mean you will amount to nothing,” Paige says in a Facebook post on Christmas Day last year. “You have the power of choice. I chose to not let it ruin me but to flip it and use it to make me strong; use it to shape my future. I can look at who I am today and be proud of the woman I have become.”

If you’re one of Paige’s half-a-million Facebook followers or one million Instagram followers, you’re no doubt familiar with the daily fitspiraton she provides – not simply for her strong and healthy body, but also for her optimistic view on life. But how familiar are you with her rise to success?

Two years ago Paige would have probably been unrecognisable to most who know of her today; she was slim with little muscle tone and uncomfortable in her own skin. Having been asked to consider competing by a trainer she took her first steps to becoming a fitness model: a bikini competition. After four months of what she describes as the hardest she had ever pushed her body, Paige placed second at the Ronnie Coleman Classic, cementing the exposure that would catapult her into social media success.

“It’s humbling how many people I have been able to inspire and motivate through social media; who live in different places all around the world,” Paige says. “I believe I have been able to successfully do this by practising what I preach and leading by example.”

Paige hopes to lead the way to a revolution in health and fitness. She hopes the days of ‘eat less and exercise more’ are put to rest and the fat loss and transformation ploys that neglect the importance of a healthy lifestyle are brought to an end. After all, maintaining a healthy body and mind should be a permanent lifestyle change – what it comes down to is balance.

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