Get your back on track!

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Get your back on track!

Get your back on track!

Model: Bianca Daniels | Images: Dallas Olsen

Styles change! Once upon a time, any type of back development or ‘V’ shape in the back on a woman was frowned upon. Not today! Today a gentle V-shape on a woman is viewed as extremely attractive, especially in low-back clothing and bikinis.


You can train your back once or twice a week, depending on your recovery time, hitting all three areas of your back – middle-upper, lower and lats – to prevent any weaknesses.




If you’re a beginner, try performing only one set of 12 reps; intermediate (4-5 weeks of regular training) can do two sets of 12, and advanced will benefit from 3-4 sets of each exercise.


Seated low pulley row


TARGET MUSCLES: Lats and middle-upper traps


SET-UP: Sit on a low bench facing the pulley machine. Hold the pulley bar in both hands with your abs switched on.




ACTION: Bring the bar into the waist area and lean back as the bar is pulled toward your body. Return to start position and repeat.

Tip: Some trainers advise that the torso remains upright while only the arms move. Which style you adopt is entirely up to you.


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