Abdominal Hit!

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Abdominal Hit!


Abdominal Hit!


Meghan Rae


Born and raised in Calgary, Canada, Meghan Rae earned a degree in Education with a minor in Physical Education at university. During her third year she did a student exchange to Melbourne for a year and while on a four-day trip to Tasmania met her Australian partner, who followed her back to Canada. After returning to Canada, she started a new journey - one in fitness. In July 2011, Meghan competed in her first competition and won a pro card. Since then she has competed in two pro shows and attained her personal training certificate. Today, Meghan is in training for the 2014 season, and she and her partner now call Australia home.

No matter what time of year it is or what age people seem to be, there’s one goal that never seems to fade: the search for a lean, sculpted core. It has become somewhat the epitome of fitness, and why not? It’s not an easy feat.

As most of you have probably figured out by now you can’t get amazing abs simply by dutifully fulfilling your 50 sit-ups first thing in the morning and another 50 right before bed – what matters more is how you spend the other 16 or so hours in between. In particular, what fuels you through your days – Peanut Butter Tim Tams aren’t going to cut you a six-pack, I’m afraid.

But while you may not be able to see your abs just yet through that unwanted layer of fat, it’s not all about the way they look; it’s about the way they work. A strong core is central to more than you have probably ever recognised – it’s not called your ‘core’ for nothing!

So next time you bend over to put on your shoes, sit tall in your chair at work, take your dogs for a walk or pick up a box from the garage floor, think of your core and be thankful for the job it’s doing rather than disappointed by the way it looks. And to thank it even more, keep it strong by making it burn.

Start showing your abs some love today with these three strength-building exercises.

Bicycle crunches

TARGET MUSCLES: rectus abdominis and obliques

Set-up: Lie on the floor with your legs straight and relaxed on the floor. Your hands should be lightly touching behind your ears.

Action: Tighten your abdominals and breathe out as you lift both feet slightly off the floor. Now slowly bring your right knee to your left elbow before returning to the start position with your feet elevated in one smooth motion. Immediately repeat on the opposite side by bringing your left knee to your right elbow. Return to the start and continue this pattern without placing your feet on the ground until all reps are completed.

Tip: Depending on your abdominal strength, you can increase or decrease reps. The aim is to really feel your abdominals working.

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