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Fitness model: Jamie Eason | Photography by Paul Buceta | Hair & Make-up by Lori Fabrizio | Clothing styling: Rachel Burton | Top & Shorts: Lululemon, Shoes: Nike

Four exercises to give yourself a lift.


Bonus: A butt-kicking breakfast to start you off right.


Nothing shouts ‘fit gal’ better than a high, perky rear view. Unfortunately, or fortunately if your mum is Jennifer Lopez, your genes have a lot to do with your butt size and shape. And we’re not taking about Diesel of Lucky Brand. But before you throw in the towel, Oxygen brings you the program that won’t change your DNA, but will give you a little more junk in the trunk. With a little hard work, the right diet and this exclusive program twice a week you will certainly start noticing more stares at your derriere.

The butt broken down

In order to sculpt your butt you need to know what you’re working. Your caboose is made up of three major muscles: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimis. The gluteus maximus, as the name applies, is the largest of the three, extends the hip and is one to focus on if you are looking to bulk up your backside. The gluteus medius is responsible for hip abduction and rounds out the sides of your gluts, creating that coveted bubble shape. An underdeveloped gluteus maximus is often the culptrit of knee pain when running and squatting. The gluteus minimus, the smaller and the deepest of the three, assists in hip abduction. For optimal results when training glutes, make sure you adequately overload them, increasing the amount of weight you lift once performing 15 reps easily.

Better Butt Tip




If you are trying an exercise for the first time, always err on the side of caution and use just your body weight or a very light weight. This way you will perfect the technique, which is more important than how much you lift because proper technique ensures better results and decreases risk of injury. Once you are comfortable with the exercise, increase your weight. Choose a weight you can lift for at least 12 reps but no more than 15. If you aren’t feeling well or you’ve had a long day you may need to lighten the load for that particular workout. Practice makes permanent so perform every rep with perfect form.

Reverse Lunge and Lift


TARGET MUSCLES: gluteus maximus, quadriceps

SET-UP: Stand with your knees slightly bent and your arms at your sides.


ACTION: Take a large step back with your right foot. Bend both knees until your front thigh is parallel to the ground and your back knee approaches but never touches the ground. Push off your left food and straighten your right leg while lifting your left leg straight behind you, square and level, squeezing the glute. Bring your legs back together to complete one repetition. Continue, alternating sides.


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