Superset for Shapely Shoulders

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Superset for Shapely Shoulders

Superset for Shapely Shoulders

Photos by Dallas Olsen | Model: Ildiko Gregory | Hair and make-up by Sue McLaurin

To fight weight-room boredom, we’ve decided to ramp up these four staple shoulder moves to get your shoulders scorching with real results. Not only will each superset hit all three heads of your deltoids – anterior, posterior and lateral – but they will create eye-catching shape to your shoulder cap.


What is a superset?

A superset is when you perform two exercises back-to-back without resting until a set for both of the exercises has been completed. Supersets can be used to increase the intensity of your workouts and shock your working muscles into getting stronger. This is due to the increased volume, whereby you force your muscles to break down and repair stronger for the next time you step into the gym.


Finding balance

Three out of the four of these moves require you to perform them standing. This will engage your core as well as your legs, creating better strength, balance and flexibility throughout your entire body.


Your superset program

Do each superset workout once per week – that means you’ll be working your deltoids twice as hard within seven days. Always leave more than 48 hours between this workout to ensure you don’t overtrain your shoulders. Be diligent and your shoulders will be looking super in as little as four short weeks!


Superset #1:

Perform 12 reps for each move, one after the other. Rest for 45 seconds, and repeat. Do this three times.


1.   Front raise

TARGET MUSCLES: anterior deltoids

Set-up: Stand with your feet together and the dumbbells held in front of you in an overhand grip [A].

Action: Keeping your arms and back straight, and your abs contracted, raise the dumbbells up to shoulder level [B]. Pause momentarily and return to the start position.

Tip: A slight bend in the knees will help you keep your balance but will prevent you from using momentum.


2.      Seated Dumbbell Arc

TARGET MUSCLES: posterior, anterior and lateral deltoids

Set-up: Sit on a bench holding the dumbbells at your sides. Lean forward until your chest is almost resting on your thighs with the dumbbells below your knees [A].

Action: As you raise the dumbbells, sit up until your back is straight [B]. At the same time, raise the dumbbells overhead [C]. Lower to the start position and repeat.

Tip: Use a slow and controlled motion as you rotate.


When you have completed all three sets of the first supersets, perform 30 seconds of jump squats before resting for 30 seconds and moving on to the second superset phase. 


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