Fine-Tune Your Glutes

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Fine-Tune Your Glutes

Fine-Tune Your Glutes

By Lara McGlashan | Images by Dallas Olsen | Fitness model: Bianca Daniels | Hair and make-up by Tegan Woodford


This six-move workout will help perk up and tighten your rear view. Short shorts, anyone?


You squat, you lunge, you squat some more – all in the name of building up your backside. But now that you’ve got all that lovely muscle, it’s time to fine-tune it, and Oxygen has got the workout to do just that.

“Often, people don’t fire properly from their glutes, which can affect efficient movement and development,” says Simone De La Rue, celebrity trainer and author of Body by Simone: The 8-Week total Body Makeover Plan. “These exercises specifically target the glutes and are my proven go-to moves that will help to sculpt your booty and assist in building overall strength and power in the posterior chain.” 

Because you’ve already built a great base of muscle, this workout uses high repetitions with only your bodyweight or a light band as resistance instead of heavy weight with low reps. “High reps will accomplish adequate muscle fatigue to refine and tighten those muscles, help shed fat and increase strength,” De La Rue explains. Repping it out at 20 or above will also burn like heck, putting your endurance and lactic acid threshold to the test.

Do this workout once a week as part of your regular body part split or up to three times a week if you really want to kick your own butt. In about four weeks, you’ll look so great you’ll want to enter the room backward! 

Cardio for Your Glutes

Cardio burns calories and fat, and it can strip the extra padding off your backside to reveal the sleek muscle underneath. But not all cardio is created equal, and some modalities are more glute-centric than others. Check out this list of outdoor activities you can do to whip your rear view into shape quickly and efficiently. Do three to five sessions of 30 to 60 minutes of cardiovascular activity each week for optimal endurance and overall health. 

Band Bun Lifter

TARGET MUSCLES: glutes, hamstrings

Set-up: Get onto your hands and knees with your hands underneath your shoulders and your knees underneath your hips. Loop a resistance band over the centre of one shoe, foot flexed, and extend your leg away from you, toe touching the ground.

Action: Keeping your hips square, lift your leg until it’s parallel to the floor. Pause and squeeze your glutes, then lower slowly to the start.

Tip: As you lift your leg, simultaneously contract your abs to keep your hips square and your back flat. 


TARGET MUSCLES: glutes, lower back, hamstrings, inner thighs

Set-up: Lie facedown with your legs open to the sides and bend your knees. Place the medicine ball between your heels, feet flexed, with the soles of your shoes facing the ceiling. Place your hands together on the floor.

Action: Press the ball toward the ceiling, squeezing your glutes and lifting your knees off the floor as high as you can. Pause a moment at the top, then lower your legs to complete one repetition.

Tip: Your range of motion here is small, so don’t go for height; squeeze and hold for a full count, then release.



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