Little ways to burn fat with an office job.

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Little ways to burn fat with an office job.

Sitting in front of a computer eight hours a day five days a week doesn’t need to hurt your fitness progress unless you let it. 

If you have an office job, then you’re probably well versed in the consequences of sitting down and barely moving all day. If you haven’t said it yourself, you’ve heard it; “I’ve gained so much weight since I started this job!”

It’s easy to see how this can happen. You’re sitting stationary in a chair all day, and any food you eat isn’t being burned off. Certain areas of your body are being flattened in your chair (you know this ALL too well) and your energy levels continue to drop because you’re not doing anything to service them. 

It’s any wonder the above statement rings true. But, there are a few things you can do that become opportunities to burn a little more fat - or calories - during a day of sitting around. 

1. Walk to work. 

Walk where you can! Walk to the train station, get off the bus a few stops before your destination and walk the rest of the way, or park your car a block away from the office. You get it. Walk too and from the office more. 

2. Take the stairs!

You’ve heard this more than you’ve heard “drink eight cups of water a day.” But it’s actually the best advice you could follow and is the easiest way to squeeze in a mini cardio session. Taking the stairs increases your heart rate instantly and burns calories, while also giving you a great muscle workout for your glutes and thighs. Wherever you are, choose the stairs over the escalator or elevator. 

3. Skip the coffee & drink Valkyrie instead. 

Valkyrie is a thermogenic activator by Slimtum and is a multi-in-one drink that will boost your energy levels to heights that will carry you further, while simultaneously burning fat. So you can be burning fat while you’re sitting at your desk!

And for those stepping out to the gym after work, Valkyrie works even better as a pre-workout drink. 

You see, multi-in-one!  

4. Go out for lunch.

Use your lunch break as an excuse to stretch your legs and go for a bit of a walk, rather than sitting in a break room. If you bring your own lunch, take it with you and find a lunch spot outside. Anywhere outside of the office should be your go-to for lunch. 

5. Don’t forget your after-work exercise. 

Speaking of drinking Valkyrie by Slimtum before a workout - don’t skip the gym if you can help it. You’ve been sitting down most of the day, so it’s key to at least be doing some Yoga to finish the day and wake up those muscles. If you want to keep your fitness up while working at a desk, the after-work exercise is just as important as each of these other steps! 

Now it’s time to start checking each of these off your list - walk more, check. Get Valkyrie, check. Stick to your after-work workout, check and check. Easy done. 

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