Should I be drinking Matcha?

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Should I be drinking Matcha?

By Jess Blair

As each new year rolls around, we start off strong and determined with weight- loss goals in mind. In 2018, I’d like you to stop – and give yourself a HEALTH goal instead. Maybe that’s to cut out your second (or third) coffee during the day, swap the second coffee to something healthier, or walk to work instead of getting the bus. Whatever it is, make it about taking care of your health.

One substance well worth adding to your daily food routine is matcha.You need only pay a visit to your local ‘hispter’ coffee nook to find matcha on the menu... but what exactly is it?’

Despite being a modern addition to western menus, matcha has been around for centuries. In ancient China and Japan, matcha was a very popular beverage originally used for warriors or members of royalty. Nowadays you don’t have to brandish a sword or wear a crown to try matcha - and it is readily available for everyone.

A type of green tea predominantly grown in Japan, the typical bright green hue of matcha powder comes about during the growing process. Farmers shade the plant in the last period of growth, thus increasing the chlorophyll content. Matcha contains a surplus of health benefits and is extremely high in antioxidants, particularly polyphenols. It is also high in chlorophyll, fibre, vitamins and amino acids.

Polyphenols found in matcha are great for preventing inflammation, and reducing and protecting the body against oxidative stress. High in chlorophyll, it can help protect the liver. Matcha is also beneficial for speeding up the wound healing process and keeping digestion on track.

While matcha is a great alternative to coffee due to its health benefits, it does contain caffeine - so it’s best to be had in the morning and away from sleep times!

Put matcha on your menu!


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