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Designer Booty

Designer Booty


The rise of the booty

I am sure we have all witnessed the rise of the booty over the past couple of years. Social media is full of booty appreciation, perfect peaches, hump day Wednesdays… heck, we love it each weekday, each and every velvety cheek day. I am obviously a fan and it is possible that my social media may be biased toward booty appreciation. Butt… after much research and investigations, I have learnt some great tricks I can share with you about building your own.

How to design the perfect peach

We need to strategise the process to make sure we cover the important targets and any particular individual strengths and weaknesses. The following targets must be addressed.

1.    Muscle and fascia

2.    Fat

3.    Fluid

4.    Structure and posture


The glutes, hamstrings, quads, lower abdomen and lower back work together to create the perfect shape. This is the difference between surgical enhancement, fat relocation and plastic surgery to construct bum cheeks and a healthy athletic booty. Without the muscles surrounding the hips and waist being toned and working in unison with the glutes, you will not get the desired shape.

Genetics do a play a large role in how much muscle mass you are capable of growing; obviously genetics will determine your body shape to a certain degree. For example, you will find more booty in Brazil than Japan but in multicultural mosh pits like Australia we see all combinations of genes - and we need to work with what we have.

Hormones for muscle

You may be surprised to know this but oestrogen is the most anabolic hormone. It builds and grows things faster than anything. Oestrogen is more anabolic than testosterone. When it comes to booty building, women are in the box seat. Glutes, quads and hamstrings have the most muscle-based oestrogen receptors in your body. We just need to activate these oestrogen receptors in the muscle to stimulate growth.

Why is oestrogen so anabolic?

So, every month women will build collagen all over their body but especially in the uterus where this collagen makes a plump blood-filled endometrium cushion for your egg to wait for fertilisation. This oestrogen surge that occurs in the first half of your menstrual cycle stimulates growth and changes all over your body. And this all happens very quickly within days. When the oestrogen drops in preparation for your menses (period), all of this collagen anchoring the endometrium breaks down within hours to allow the endometrial tissue to come free from the uterus and your period arrives. All within specific days of your monthly cycle you will build collagen and then break it all down. This is all done by oestrogen working with fibroblasts that live in your fascia and connective tissue.

When these fibroblasts are activated they can build new connective tissue that builds the infrastructure for new muscle.


Prime with oestrogen receptor activators.

You don’t want to drive up blood levels of oestrogen and play around with menstrual cycles, contraceptive pills and HRT (hormone replacement therapy) as that will also hold fat and fluid. We discuss later in the article in fat and fluid sections.

Phytoecdysterones are anabolic compounds found in nature. They are very cool: insects seek them out when they need to build a new shell and grow. They are potent plant-based anabolic agents. Recently it has been discovered that they work by activating oestrogen receptors.

ATP science Prototype 8 is a globally patented body-shaping serum that uses phytoecdysterones to enhance muscle growth. This product is also a very potent vasodilator, so there is a trick to using it for leg day as it can create too much muscle “pump” too early and inhibit your workout. The key is to use it about one hour before training with your pre-training meal and apply it to your problem areas to establish a mind-muscle connection before you even get to the gym. Then do your full workout as normal. Bring out the prototype8 again for a final super set to exhaustion designed for a maximal pump. Butter up with prototype8 and then do a series of drop sets with “partial reps” and “deep pause squats” to get your muscles engorged with blood and subsequently phytoecdysterones from the serum. Then once you have a full pump and can do no more reps; stretch.

The stretching of the fascia along with the Nitric Oxide (NO) from the vasodilation resembles injury and torn connective tissue. This stimulates growth. If the phytoecdysterones have pre-primed the oestrogen receptors, you will get exaggerated results in your recovery phase.

Feed the collagen for more growth

10% of your muscle mass is collagen and in fact, 30% of your total body protein is collagen. It is extremely important to make sure this collagen is capable of growing, replenishing or repairing if you want to grow from your efforts.

Consume one serve of ATP Science NOWAY protein post-workout to drive new collagen production. This product contains hydrolysed collagen with bioactive peptides that are absorbed intact and can access this muscle directly to stimulate further growth. Whey and other plant-based proteins do not have any effect on collagen and cannot drive any further growth above normal dietary protein, due to the lack of bioactive peptides and hydroxyproline that is exclusive to this collagen product.

Dermal collagen is also handy to help smooth the skin and reduce any pits and troughs and the orange-peel topography associated with cellulitis. Other wrinkles and lips etc. will also benefit from the extra plumpness and elasticity.

By the way, keep your eyes on your hair, skin and nails while following this protocol - you will spin out when you see how fast things grow when working with your own connective tissue.

Fat and fluid

Oestrogen delivered to the fatty tissue on hips and thighs will hold fat and fluid. Therefore we want to activate the receptors in the muscle but not just give you oestrogen. If we can keep our blood levels of oestrogen balanced and healthy we can prevent fluid retention, cellulite and excessive fat accumulation on the hips and thighs while working with the muscle directly using ecdysterone and collagen.

B vitamins, fibre, rosemary, kelp, brassica species of plants (broccoli, spinach, radishes, mustards) all work to keep good and bad oestrogens in balance and make sure you have efficient detoxification and elimination of oestrogen so it doesn’t loiter on the hips holding fat and fluid. ATP Science Alpha Venus and Alpha Prime are designed for this exact process.

You may have an isolated pocket of fat that seems to be resistant to change. You know those saddlebags that just sit like a bizarre pocket on the side of your hip? The ones that get more isolated as you tone your butt they just sit there like they don’t know you? Well, they are usually oestrogen-dominant fat pockets. These guys make their own oestrogen and use it on themselves or their neighbours to make more oestrogen fat. Your body often does not know they are there and cannot fix them. They not putting anything back into your body either, so it’s hard to change. They are just isolated pockets hiding over on the side of your body doing their own thing. The old school way of treating them is using a topical chrysin cream, such as ATP science Block E3. Chrysin blocks the receptors that make oestrogen out of testosterone. Get that Block E3 onto those pockets and force them to change.

Structure and posture

Work with your coach on technique and make sure you are successfully activating the necessary muscles to get the desired shape. If unable to activate certain parts, look for structural causes and potentially some physical work on hips and lower back. Piriformis issues, for example, can change the lower part of the butt cheek and create asymmetries or flatness and lack of plump potential.

The plan

Prototype 8 with training as described in the article and keep it in your system by applying morning and night after showers like a moisturiser for the peach.

NOWAY Protein one serve post workout

Block E3 to target the isolated fat pockets if necessary

Alpha Prime – 2 capsules twice daily

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