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MooyeeMuscle pain isn't always something we have to put up with. Whether it's from training in the sport you love or just general pain there is a way to relieve tired, sore muscles and its completely portable and directly via your smart device. Mooyee is a pocket size muscle recovery device or EMS machine. Mooyee sends low frequency electric currents to your muscles, from a tingle, to a pulse and is fully directed via an app. The Mooyee helps to ease, sore tired muscles, activate muscles before exercise and assist with blood flow. PLUS it feels great! Choose your Mooyee M1 and put in your discount code OXYMOO and pay only $99 (usually $119) and we will include a free set of pads (worth $9.95).

Ultimately Natural

Vegan-Group-ShotUltimately Natural - Real Food, Real Protein, Real Fibre, Real Full. Nourish your body with wholefood powders that are the foundation of our formulas, forest berries, creamy banana, coconut milk, sweet aromatic spices, high fibre inulins, leafy green superfood plants and much more. These make a delicious & ultimately nutritious blend that will have you bouncing back to your optimal peak in no time.No Hype needed, Australian based, raw plant & whey protein, fruits, spices and superfoods.  Be inspired with our smoothie creations to fuel workouts, post-recovery, sustain your energy and improve well being.
Discount code exclusive to Oxygen readers: 20% OFF ANYTHING OUTSIDE THE SAMPLE PACK RANGE when you use the code #OXYGEN20 

 Fit Foods Club

fitladywithfitfoodsc...Your fitness results start in our kitchen! Your nutrition can make or break your progress. Let’s face it, your best intentions to eat well and prep everything from scratch can be hindered by LIFE, which means your results suffer.  Don’t have time to plan, shop, cook, measure, and tidy up for every meal? No problem, our nutritionists and chefs have made nutrition easy for you. Get delicious portion controlled, high protein lean meals delivered to your door. Get in the habit of eating well, without the effort, and get the results you deserve from your workouts!
Just $89.90 per week (or $97 for large size) includes:

  • 10 meals (5 lunches and 5 dinners)
  • Free delivery 
  • Free mini eski for you to take with you to work
  • Vegan, Gluten & lactose-free options
  • No minimum contracts
  • Sign up for 10 weeks and get one week free (coupon: eatoxygen)

BCAA Xpress

BCAABCAA Xpress contains a 2:1:1 ratio of leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine, and because it is in a powder-drink form, as a liquid, it can absorb faster in your body. It comes in some amazing flavours - Apple, Pear, Cola-Lime and Pink Lemonade. BCAAs are important to ingest on a daily basis in around your training as well as in training. The 7g serving (1/2 scoop) is optimal but here is a secret tip. A decrease in fatigue (mental fatigue) results when BCAA supplementation is taken during exercise at 10g or more. Take a full scoop of BCAA Xpress and fatigue may be a thing of the past.
Use coupon code for BCAA Xpress BCAAX10 or buy any Scitec BCAA Xpress at any of the following retailers from December to end January 2018 and get 10% OFF.


Slimtum™ Yin & Yang

Yin_YangThis New Year, find the balance you’ve been looking for with Yin & Yang from Slimtum™. A gentle, holistic formula that helps aid sleep, lower cravings, give your metabolism a little kick and support your body’s natural fat burning. There’s a lot of smart naturopathic wisdom behind this very complete product and, from the blends, the amount of each ingredient looks good. That’s something we always like to see. Give Yin & Yang a try this New Year; It’s a small change that cleverly helps you with that big New Year transformation! Find your local stockist on our website and also available at Nutrition Templ & Muscle Coach.  

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