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Clear-skin foods

Summer is here, and one of the best things about summer is going to the beach fresh-faced! Here are some amazing foods containing properties that are perfect inclusions for those beach snacks and will also keep your skin looking amazing well into autumn!


The perfect beach snack for summer and packed full of skin goodness, including magnesium, manganese, calcium, and selenium — all essential for skin health. Add some trail mix such as brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, and almonds to your day-to-day regime for clearer skin!


Perfect summer food and fruit at your disposable! Not only are these packed full of nutrients, but they are also perfect for clearing skin! They are super-high in antioxidants.


Tomatoes in salad, tomatoes in juice — and perfect for our skin. As well as being rich in vitamin C, they also help to aid collagen production, which means looking younger!

Bloat-busting tips

Lemon water is a perfect addition to make sure you are getting your fluids in and also great for the bloat. Lemon helps you get your gut ready for your next meal by making sure you have enough acid, which can combat bloating by making sure all your food is digested properly.

Bananas are loaded with amazing goodness such as potassium and fibre, which can help relieve fluid retention.

Leafy greens are full of vital nutrients and also loaded with fibre and help ease water retention too.

Bloat-busting iced tea

Add these ingredients together for a refreshing tea to sip on over the hotter months.

  • Peppermint leaves
  • Warm water (left to cool)
  • Ice cubes
  • Frozen berries
  • Lemon slices

Nutrition myths busted

‘Diet’ or ‘light’ is healthier than regular full-fat or sugar.  

We are not talking calories versus calories; we are talking ‘healthy’ versus ‘healthy’. When it comes to soft drinks, for example, we know they don’t have any nutritional value. The notion that having a ‘diet’ or a ‘light’ soft drink is better for you is nonsense.

No soft drinks are good for us. A much better option is lemon in some sparkling water or fruit in some still water.

In relation to foods such as cheese, yoghurt, and milk, full fats can be better options. Often the lighter versions are higher in processed sugars and chemicals, which are not good for anyone! 

A good way to check is to look on the back of nutritional labels and choose the option with the least ‘nasties’! 


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