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Find your strength


Complement your strong, fit and healthy lifestyle with these products! They’re designed to celebrate a woman’s strength by companies that want to see all women embrace what makes them strong.

Tough skin for tough workouts

Life is about discovery and we think we’ve discovered something rather special in Szent XChalk. Designed to counteract the harsh effects that climbing or lifting weights can have on your hand and skin condition, XChalk uses a blend of specially selected herbs and natural plant extracts known for their skin healing properties. These natural additives work to soothe burning, prevent cracking and, over time, work to condition your skin against soreness and minor abrasions. XChalk uses only the highest quality magnesium carbonate providing the best possible hand coverage and sweat absorption, allowing the specially selected botanicals to deliver their benefits throughout your session. So, if you’ve ever suffered from dry, damaged hands or simply want to realise the benefits improved skin condition can have on your climbing or workouts, give it a go today!
RRP: From $6.50 www.szentclimbing.com/xchalk_gym



Vaunt is the Australian-owned lifting apparel company that offers striking designs for women who lift. Founded by Central Coast local Jemma Donkin, the belts were created to fill a gap in the market. 
Unsatisfied with the lack of diversity in women's lifting apparel, Jemma decided that if she couldn't find what she was looking for during her search for a striking belt to support her resistance-training goals, she would make one herself. Vaunt's simple yet stylish neoprene weight belts fasten with Velcro making them easy to use and fully adjustable. They've been refined throughout the design process for comfortable wear using a durable fabric that won't cut into the ribs.Best of all, the bright designs include doughnuts, pizza and a comic book inspired print, making them one of a kind and a serious must-have. RRP: $45 www.vauntlifting.com.au
Vaunt is offering Oxygen readers 15% off for a limited time with the code: OXYGEN15



How does Balance Performance Greens help me?
Balance Performance Greens is a nutritious greens superfoods blend that has been scientifically developed for athletes. It contains: 

GREENS SUPERFOOD BLEND: Spirulina, broccoli, spinach, kale, chlorella, barley grass and wheat grass to support health and wellbeing.
PRE AND PROBIOTICS: For advanced gut health and digestion.
DIGESTIVE ENZYMES: Natural plant-based enzymes sourced from papaya and pineapple to aid digestion.
GLUTAMINE: For muscle recovery and immune support.
NOTHING ARTIFICIAL: No artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or artificial sweetener. 

Balance Performance Greens are GLUTEN FREE. They aretested by an independent laboratory and contain no detectable gluten. The product is also VEGAN FRIENDLY and does not contain any ingredients derived from animals. 

RRP: $59.95 for 300g; $89.95 for 600g www.balancesportsnutrition.com



Getting your daily gut loving just got a whole lot tastier with PERKii’s range of probiotic water. The team at PERKii have found a way to encapsulate their probiotic friends, giving them special survival capabilities through the stomach and safely to the gut, without the need for added sugar, empty calories or lactose. 

Unlike other products, PERKii ensures more live and working probiotics where you need them, without the added nasties. Each bottle contains just a handful of delicious, all natural fruit flavours and one billion protected probiotics whose sole purpose is to make you feel a billion times better, inside and out. 

RRP: $3.95 www.perkii.com.au


Ketopia is a 10 Day Metabolic Reset System designed to reset your metabolism and engage the body into full nutritional ketosis in as little as one hour. Using Ketopia has been shown to shred excess fat, detox, preserve lean muscle and strength, improve mental clarity, and focuses and maintains overall health. 

Ketopia consists of three parts:

1. KetonX Drink: A drink that guides your body into Ketosis

2. Dough Bites: A Cookie Dough snack with “Phantom Carbs” to curb cravings

3. FIXX: A shake providing nutrients to stay energised 

With the addition of healthy eating (approx. 1400 calories daily for optimum results)

and water throughout the day you can take advantage of the benefits of full ketosis, such as: burning body fat for energy, fewer cravings, balanced blood sugar levels and a stronger immune system. 

RRP: $149.95 www.icftotalfitness.com


Creative Bikinis are Australia’s leading bikini designers. Custom making bikinis, figure suits and theme wear for all federations and divisions, our easy to use, interactive website give you all the tools to create the most beautiful bikini in the market. 

We guarantee our bikinis will fit on your competition day with our exclusive and innovate ADJUSTAKIKI fitting system. We really can make your dreams come true. 

RRP: Various www.creativebikinis.com.au

Shop on our website for a 10% discount with promo code OXYGEN.

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