Do we Photoshop?

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Do we Photoshop?

Do we Photoshop?

Smoothing, cinching & tweaking is something the fitness industry is full of… but are we doing it too? 

Let’s set something straight, Oxygen Australia don’t Photoshop their images. Though a lot of mainstream media and magazine companies do, and it’s almost become acceptable that this is the case, it’s a sad reality when our fitness sistas think these images are actually real! To be brutally honest, it’s something I’ll never allow in Oxygen. Why? Because if someone doesn’t work hard and look healthy, we sure won’t be editing them to look that way! 

Every girl in Oxygen magazine is so much more than a model, and maybe that’s what sets us apart from so many others. Almost everyone we feature is not there to sell clothes or programs, they’re in there to share their story of hope and inspiration so that our readers can share in their success and in turn, realise their own. We don’t go for pretty mannequin lookalikes, we’d rather choose a real person, with a real story who has been through real life events to get where they are now. 

Scars, freckles, little skin folds, wrinkles and stretch marks are all beautiful in our eyes because they make you YOU! Removing perceived imperfections is removing the real you and we as individuals are truly unique — that is something we should ALL celebrate. 

We could easily airbrush and Photoshop to our heart’s content, wiping away everything that makes us who we are so that we become some pinup of what society thinks ‘perfection’ looks like. But who wants that anyway? I know I sure don’t! There’s no such thing as perfection and I’d much rather be me (warts and all) because I like who I am. 

Having a daughter myself, it’s also so important to me that we lead the way for future Oxygen girls. Our daughters, nieces, cousins, little sisters and more need examples of healthy and real role models and Oxygen will always provide that! 

It’s no secret that with the rise of social media and editing apps, it’s almost become normalised to have smooth, ‘perfect’ skin and a tiny waist (among other enhancements). But that’s one bandwagon Oxygen Australia isn’t getting on, I can assure you! The girls ‘glow’ in our magazine because they are healthy and happy. Their bodies look tight, toned and terrific because all of them work hard in the gym and the kitchen. They live and breathe health and fitness and their bodies and face show this. 

It is so important to me that Oxygen presents real women who are real role models for not only the current generation but future generations too. That’s why we will always be a Photoshop-free zone! 

Lindy xx

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