Gain muscle mass effectively

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Gain muscle mass effectively

Best ways to gain muscle mass effectively

When you want to build more muscle, it is not enough to visit the gym once a week. More muscle mass requires commitment and persistence, which is often accompanied by a serious lifestyle change. We’re here to uncover how you can increase your chances of being successful in gaining muscle mass. 

More compound exercises

Compound exercises are a great way to increase your muscle mass since you do not have to train one specific muscle at a time for your muscle mass to increase. For example, when you are doing a bench press, your chest is not doing all the work, because your triceps must lift the weight as well. Therefore, compound exercises can be more effective than isolation exercises such as triceps kickbacks. Check out Anaconda to see a range gym equipment or sports gear. 

Take some time off

Gaining muscle is not always about exercise; your muscles need rest as well. Recovery is a vital part of muscle growth, so hitting the gym seven times a week will not give you the results you want. Instead, it is better to do strength exercises consistently three times a week, incorporate some cardio when you aren’t lifting and take the occasional rest day when your muscles are screaming for rest. 

Eat right and enough

You’ve probably already heard that gaining muscle requires you to eat more. However, you cannot just eat anything and expect your muscles to grow. Your body needs the right nutrients to use as building blocks for your muscle.

Firstly, make sure you incorporate plenty of whole, unprocessed foods. For most people, this is a serious lifestyle change because it requires you to drop all unhealthy options such as soda, frozen food and processed meals. However, eating healthier options such as fresh chicken breast and whole grains will deliver more results than processed foods could ever give you.

Secondly, hydration is also a vital part of your nutrition because many people lose a lot of fluids when they train. Since your muscles need water to recover and repair, make sure you drink enough water before, during and after your training. It is also a good idea to add some electrolyte-enriched beverages to the mix which could replace vital minerals and vitamins lost during training.

Finally, your body will need a lot of protein to build those muscles. Fortunately, there are a lot of healthy protein-rich ingredients you can add to your diet to obtain that protein. Good examples of protein-rich ingredients are chicken, poultry and lean meats. Therefore, you have many options to have a healthy and enjoyable meal without feeling deprived. 

Invest in gym equipment

One of the first things a serious muscle builder should do is look at available equipment at home. As mentioned earlier, it is not enough to visit the gym once a week. Regular gym visits can be a problem for many of us though, since work and family may come between you and your fitness.

Still, having a family or being busy at work does not mean you cannot gain muscle mass. If you cannot go to the gym, you must bring the gym to you. Of course, you do not need all the fitness equipment your gym is offering, but you will need dedicated gym equipment for strength and cardio

Take your workouts outdoors

Always working out inside the home, or in the gym, can put a damper on your muscle gains since there is much more resistance outside. For example, running on an actual hill while it is windy is a lot harder than running on an inclined treadmill in the gym. Doing burpees, squats and lifts is also more difficult outside, so do not hesitate to take your workout outdoors every now and then.

Of course, you can also incorporate the outdoors in your recreational time. Camping and hiking are good examples because these activities can make you fitter and increase your endurance over the course of time. Also, you can easily take your family on a camping or hiking trip; this enables people who do not have much time to train to still take advantage of the benefits the great outdoors could offer for general fitness and muscle mass. 

Consider supplements

Even though you cannot solely rely on supplements to gain muscle mass, adding some supplements to your diet can ensure your body is getting the right levels of nutrients. When you start working out frequently and rigorously, your body will use a lot more of the nutrients obtained from food. Therefore, it is likely that protein, carbohydrates and other vital nutrients obtained from regular meals are not consumed in sufficient amounts which are enough to fuel your growing muscle mass.

Determining if you need supplements or not can be challenging if you have little experience with muscle growth and muscle gains. In this case, it is recommended to search for an experienced nutritionist who can determine which nutrients you need for your muscles to start growing. 

Consistency is the key to success

If you want to see results, you need to be consistent. Following the plan for an entire week and then going off plan for three days will nullify most of the progress you have built over that week. Therefore, you will need to be consistent to see results over time.

Many people wanting to gain muscle mass often lose heart and motivation a couple of weeks after their lifestyle change. Because they do not see results immediately, they often get disheartened and give up. However, building more muscle mass is something that takes time and this must be considered before you start any new training program.

There are some things athletes can do to keep track of their progress which could stop them from becoming disheartened during their journey. Firstly, it is important to take some pictures at the start of your journey which you can use later to compare with another picture after you have been following your program for some time. Simply put the pictures together and evaluate your results. Of course, make sure there is enough time between pictures for your results to show.


At the end of the day, building more muscle requires a lot of dedication, but the result will be more than worth your effort. When you have a good support system and the will to change your body, there is no reason why you cannot achieve the muscle gains you have always dreamed of. 

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