Meet the finalists!

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Meet the finalists!

Meet the finalists of the 2016 Oxygen Cover Girl Competition 

226 amazing women entered this year’s Cover Girl Comp and we want to thank each and every one of you for your incredible entries! Before we reveal the winner of the competition, here are the gorgeous women (inside and out!) who made it to the finalist’s shoot. Stay tuned to find out which one landed the cover and read more about all of them, including our category winners in the next issue – out 20 October.

Amy Howard
City: Brisbane, QLD
Occupation: Carer
Age: 28

“There is a sense of grief and loss as I mourn the dreams and expectations I had for my child's life, one with no limitations and endless possibilities. Patience beyond measure is something I had to have in abundance when my child became sick. After the breakdown of my marriage, over the last six years I have been a single mother to my son Chad. He was diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, confining him to a wheelchair, a movement disorder, sleep disorder and refractory seizures. He is dependant solely on myself 24 hours a day for all his needs. I am strong, not by choice you see. My child just has more needs. My fitness journey began when I realised the importance of physical strength in caring for my son. I am about to compete in my first ever natural body building competition with the goal of building confidence in myself and inspiring other mothers to do the same.”


Claudia Jovanovski
City: Sydney, NSW
Occupation: Lifestyle Coach
Age: 23

“I went to an all-girls school where my fellow school mates would regularly swoon over underweight models on television and in fashion magazines. For my whole life, the media had brainwashed me to believe that super skinny was attractive. I became obsessed with calorie counting, under eating, and excessive cardio. Thankfully, after a number of events in my life, I decided it was time for a change and slowly started eating healthy and doing regular exercise classes. I then decided to compete, and although my first encounter with a coach was terrible, I did it. I am now an international fitness model and professional bikini competitor. In my first year of weight training and competing, I was lucky enough to be awarded two Pro cards, two world titles, as well as win and place in several other competitions. Over the years I have gained a lot of knowledge and became passionate about training, eating to nourish the body, and most importantly, overall wellbeing! I would love to help others develop a healthy balanced lifestyle!”


Kelli Blanchfield
City: Rockhampton, QLD
Occupation: Community Strategy Officer
Age: 40

“I made a commitment to myself after weight training and clean eating for five years that I would face my fears and finally stand on stage on my 40th birthday in my best condition ever. I can honestly say that after two children and some ups and downs through my life, I am the happiest I have been and I stood on stage in Brisbane the day after my 40th birthday and celebrated my achievement by placing 3rd for 40+ Fitness Model. I then went on to place in the top 5 a week later in Canberra at the Australian Championships, all in my first year of competing last year. This year, I was lucky enough to place 1st for 40+ Fitness Model in May at the AWNBS QLD Titles. I have never been happier; I love life and I love being fit and healthy and a great role model for my daughters (16 and 19 years old) and for other women over 40. It's never too late. Age is just a number and you need to enjoy your life and do what makes you happy no matter what your age.”


Maya Basse  
City: Adelaide, SA
Occupation: Personal Trainer
Age: 28

“I’m Maya, 28 years old, a teacher turned personal trainer! Over the past three years, I have completely transformed my mind and body. I've always been into fitness, and even played netball for South Australia, but my body never looked as fit as I felt and I just couldn't figure out why. In 2013, I moved to London after a tough break up; it was here that I found and fell in love with weight training! I began lifting and saw changes within my body that helped me find a new level of confidence and acceptance of my body shape. I surrounded myself with friends who either worked in the fitness industry or were an athlete. I learnt techniques and strategies for weight training and became introduced to fitness modelling after watching some friends compete! When I came back from London after two years, I enrolled in a personal training course and have been certified since the beginning of the year. I’m loving helping other women improve their bodies as well as find acceptance and confidence within themselves.”


Nadine Muller
City:  Gold Coast, QLD
Occupation: Military Nursing Officer
Age: 27

“I’m a Nursing Officer in the military with 10 years of service. Physical activity has played a big role in my personal and professional life. Especially since recently becoming a mum, my true passion for wellness, health and fitness emerged. Whilst on maternity leave, I became a personal trainer as I learnt selflessness, dedication, patience, hard work and self-love since having my son. This body isn’t just ANY body, it’s MY body and it tells MY story; one I’m proud of. Mum life is challenging and positively life-altering. I have my fair share of trying moments juggling family, military life, PT and my fitness goals, but being an active mum cornerstones my true, best self and affords me more opportunities for lifelong growth than I deemed imaginable. I thank my body by moving, respecting, nourishing and loving it from the inside out. Why have I entered the Oxygen Cover Comp? Life is full of chances; to share my story, to inspire and motivate other everyday mums, to show my body that I appreciate it for all its hard work.”


Nicole Hall
City:  Brisbane, QLD
Occupation: Personal Trainer
Age: 25
Instagram: www.instagram.com/nikigetsmassive.pt

“I have never been ‘over weight’ as such. Growing up, I was always active but never really found my one true ‘sport/hobby’. Once I finished school, I did my best to stay active and eat right, but found that my unbalanced lifestyle was becoming harder to maintain. I finally got to the point of being unhappy and fed up with myself; I knew that I had to be accountable for my actions and make changes in MY lifestyle! I signed up to an eight-week challenge and committed myself 110% and blew myself away with what I could actually achieve when I set my mind and heart to something. It ignited my passion and from there I signed up to comp prep with Granite Conditioning and I competed in the INBA. In my first show, I went from First Timer to Fitness Overall in the one day and five weeks later, I placed and became a PNBA/INBA Pro Fitness Model. One year on, I'm prepping to compete internationally with my Pro status, whilst being a qualified PT and sharing my passion to help others achieve a fit, healthy and confident lifestyle.”


Shannah Baker
City: Gold Coast, QLD
Occupation: Fitness Model
Age: 25

“I am entering the Cover Model Search in hopes of fulfilling a long-term goal and dream of mine. I understand that things don't come handed to you and if you want something, you have to be willing to put yourself out there and work for those things. I am originally from WA and grew up with my Nana. I was quite the tomboy in my teens and spent most of my time on farms with horses and motorbikes. I moved to the Gold Coast by myself when I was 19 and have never looked back! In the last two years, I have found my passion for competing and the fitness world. I have a great group of friends and an amazing supportive husband who pushes me to reach for the stars and who is always encouraging me that no dream is too big. I am currently completing my certificate III and IV in Personal Training. My ultimate goal is to become an IFBB Bikini Pro, travel and motivate individuals globally to help people and show them that fitness can really change your life!”


Sheridan Kisvarda
City:  Melbourne, VIC
Occupation: Beauty Therapist
Age: 21

“I’m Sheridan, I’m 21 and recently I just competed in my first bikini comp! My journey started two years ago when I decided I needed to do something about my weight. I was 19 years old, weighing 75kg and only 157cm tall. My sister asked me to be her bridesmaid and the next day, I found myself a PT and started at the gym as I didn’t want to be a fat bridesmaid. In March this year, I reached my first goal and that was not being a fat bridesmaid. One month prior, I decided to get on stage. Grinding away at the gym six days a week and keeping to a restricted diet, I finally reached my goal 18 weeks later and that was stepping on stage. I didn’t do a comp to place, I did it to better myself mentally and see how far I could take my body. I ended up taking out 2nd place in Bikini and 1st place in Miss Runway. I was stoked but it wasn’t until I posted my before and after photos and had girls of all ages sending me messages and comments to say I inspired them that I felt like a winner.”


Jamie Foster
City: Sacramento, CA, USA
Occupation: Fire Captain
Age: 39
Instagram: www.instagram.com/firefitchick

Oxygen note: Jamie was invited to our Cover Girl Competition finalists’ shoot, but couldn’t make it as she’s a fire captain in California and, unfortunately, due to the number of wildfires occurring in the state right now, she could not attend the shoot. We’d still love to congratulate her for making it as a finalist!


“I am a proud mother of a beautiful five-year--old little girl, a full-time firefighter, a natural Pro bikini competitor and a personal trainer (in my spare time!). Fitness is essential in my life to keep me injury-free at work and give me the ability to drag someone more than twice my size from harm. Everything I do circles around inspiring women of all ages and walks of life to be successful, whether it be gaining strength and confidence or living healthy lifestyles. I had my daughter when I was 34 and gained over 65lbs (30kg) in the process. Getting that weight off was challenging and took several months of struggle, but I was back at work fighting fires eight weeks post-partum and I was on the stage competing within the year! I know other women can do it too because I did it!”

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