Is your thermostat killing your results?

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Is your thermostat killing your results?

Is your internal thermostat killing your results?

The real reason why you aren’t seeing the results you want to see.

By Brad Cunningham 

Your belief system is like an internal thermostat; it works just a like a thermostat in your house. If you were to open a door and it was cold outside, the temperature would drop inside; but soon after, the thermostat would kick back in and adjust back to the pre-set temperature. If it was hot outside and you open a door the temperature would go up; but soon after it would cool back down to the pre-set temperature.

In the short term, you can adjust your behaviours; you can train hard, eat well and even affect your attitude. But this is just like opening the door in your house; it cools down or heats up for a short time (or these things change for a short time), then the thermostat (or your belief system) kicks back in.

If your internal thermostat is set permanently to a certain temperature (or to certain beliefs about yourself) you will always find yourself back there, no matter what you do on the outside or for the short term.

So if you find that you tend to be a "yo-yoer", an "all-or-nothing", a "quitter", an "I'm-gonna-start-on-Monday-or-January-1st", a “go-hard-for-the-competition-or-event-then-blow-out” kind of person or making excuses like "I'm big boned", "it's genetics", "I'm too old" or "I can't (fill in blanks)," then maybe it's time you work on adjusting your 'thermostat'.

Adjusting your belief system isn’t as easy as adjusting the temperature on your heating and cooling system at home. Your belief system is like a muscle, to improve it you need to train it regularly. Below are just a handful of ways your can train your belief system.

  •         Daily positive affirmations
  •         Writing a journal with all the things you have achieved in the day
  •         Becoming more aware of your internal language
  •         Speaking about yourself more positively both out loud and in your own head

Just like when you want great results physically, you need to be consistent with this; you can’t have one good day and then blow out all week and expect your world to improve.

What you need to remember is your belief system (what goes on up stairs) controls your results with your training, career, relationships and more.

So if you want to see an improvement in your outer world, start working on your inner world. 


Brad is a 25-year-old qualified neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner, personal trainer, and owner of The Fit Shop, one of Australia’s leading transformation centres. With more than eight years’ experience in the industry as a master rehab trainer and physique coach, he is most passionate about helping people transform their lives from the inside out. His simple approach to transformational change focuses on mindset, nutrition and training, and he brings all of these pieces of the puzzle together in a simple and achievable way. For more information visit www.thefitshop.com.au

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