How much emotion is in body fat?

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How much emotion is in body fat?

How much emotion is in body fat? 

Learn why the body fat you carry and the emotions you feel are directly related to each other. 

By Greg Dolman 

Body fat is something that is, or can be, a touchy subject with just about anyone. Whether it’s a compliment or a sarcastic remark, the subject of body fat is one that affects a very large percentage of our population every moment of every day. 

We don’t have to look too hard to find a ‘solution’ to end our body fat nightmare. From exercise equipment, exercise routines, eating plans, health retreats, and even ‘magical’ drinks, pills, and creams, we get pounded every day from our TVs, radios and magazines on what will reduce or even get rid of our body fat for good. 

We have weight loss programs on TV that show what contestants have to go through in order to shed unwanted body fat that is threatening to shorten their lives.  In magazines there are many before and after photos of successful people who have won their battle with shedding body fat. 

Just to sit in a shopping mall and watch all the people with their different body shapes walking around, it is truly obvious that body fat is slowly taking over our society. Then sit in a food court of a shopping mall and look how many shops cater for those ‘wanting’ to put on some more body fat whether it be from high-fat foods, high-energy foods or foods that are high in sugar. The worst thing is if I want to eat a chicken and salad sandwich on wholemeal bread, this will cost me more than two sausage rolls! 

So if my food budget is tight, it looks like the sausage rolls may win. Or I could buy the chicken and salad sandwich but that would mean that I would have to miss out on something else that my budget now doesn’t cover. 

What drives people to the fast food variety? Is it the fact that it is quick and easy, or is it because it is more affordable for the family unit? Or is there something else that’s hidden within the person that’s driving them to choose a high-fat or sugary food? Is the individual searching for a ‘stimulant’ to satisfy an appetite that isn’t just for food? What if emotion is really the driving force for our apatite? 

Apart from a low metabolic rate, low thyroid function, medications, and hormonal imbalance, which are a few of the things that also have an affect on one’s body fat storage, the one thing that seems not to be highlighted on our TVs, radios, and magazines is the fact that body fat is connected to our emotions. 

It is certainly obvious that there are professionals in our society that do indeed work with overweight people via their emotional needs to eat excess foods. However, this is something that is not clearly out there for all to see. 

Why not? 

Two questions that instantly come to me are; is it because that we are delving too deep into the depths of what is really causing the overweight person to eat the wrong foods, which can be a hurtful experience? Or, is it because searching for the hidden emotion really isn’t something that the TV networks, radio, and magazines think is worth pursuing because there isn’t the advertising dollars there? 

I am sure you can make up your own mind as to what the answers are, as well as having many other worthy questions. 

This then brings me to my original question which heads this article. We first have to agree to the fact that we are all emotional eaters! We celebrate birthdays, job promotions, and anniversaries, just to name a few. The bottom line is, if we the need to celebrate, we then choose to eat the appropriate food that will give us the good feeling we are searching for. 

However, what is really driving us to have the food that is either a sweet food, a food containing high fat, or the high-energy food? What are we really trying to feed that gets us hooked on the foods we know we shouldn’t eat but still do? Could we be eating the wrong foods to fill our hunger for an inner emptiness on either a subconscious or conscious level? The latter being the probable cause. 

Eating beyond our physical needs generally occurs at times of emotional stress which can be caused by a relationship breakdown, an argument, grief, depression, guilt, fear, and many more emotions and situations. The unfortunate thing about being stressed means that we are not usually in the moment and therefore, are unaware of what the trigger is for us to eat the wrong food or over eat. For some, they know it’s not right to eat what they’re eating but still do it anyway. 

An example of this is if we feel the need to have a sweet food, we must be aware that we are trying to replace a ‘sweetness’ that has been taken away from us. Maybe a relationship has gone sour, or maybe we are bitter about something that was said to us? So what’s the opposite of sour? What are we really craving that we are unable to get unless it’s from the food we choose to eat? If I am sour about a situation that I cannot fix, then I will get that fix from food. 

The thing about food is that it will never reject us, it will never judge us, and it certainly fills the hole inside of us that nothing else will fill. The problem is that excess emotions will lead us to excess foods, which inevitably leads to excess body fat. 

If we can identify which of our emotions are leading us to the foods we shouldn’t be having, then we are at the beginning of a journey of self discovery that will be very rewarding. By addressing a very big weakness, this will have a flow on effect throughout the other areas of our lives. 

Let the games begin!   

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