Burn up to 500 calories in 30 minutes

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Burn up to 500 calories in 30 minutes

Burn up to 500 calories in 30 minutes 

If you’re pressed for time this week but have goals set, making excuses is not an option! Find 30 minutes in your day, lace up those runners, grab that drink bottle and bring your A-game to these five time-friendly, calorie-blasting workout options specifically designed by body transformation specialist and trainer Bianca Ballinger.

Please note: The exercises listed are not all demonstrated here, however many are demonstrated throughout this magazine or other issues of Oxygen. Alternatively, have a Google search as well – just make sure it’s coming from a reputable place so you’re not copying bad form! 


If ever there was a workout that saw you walking into the gym and tip toeing back out again, it’s this one! Prepare to own the squat rack, stack on the weights, lock down that core, chest up, chin up and get LOW for your best results!

TIP: LOAD UP! Legs are the strongest muscle group! Resistance = results!

The workout

15-20 sumo squats with barbell
15-20 forward lunges with barbell
15-20 reverse/hanging glute extensions
15-20 hamstring curls
15-20 leg extensions (machine)
15-20 captains chair leg raises

Repeat circuit 3-4 times with maximum weight 


This full-body suspension training workout is guaranteed to see you burning calories long after your final rep! Each exercise is done using the TRX straps.

TIP: Lock down your core and focus on stability and complete muscular control for best results.

The workout

12-15 pistol squats (each leg)
1 minute mountain climber (sprint it out!)
12-15 inverted rows (aim to lay parallel to the floor)
1 minute crunch (aim for 40-50 reps)
15-20 squat jumps (arms outstretched holding straps)
1 minute glute bridges (laying, heels in handles and control the raise)

Repeat circuit 3-4 times 

  1. The ‘HOME HIIT’

Can’t get to gym? Have the kids at home? Have to get to work early? TOO EASY! These excuses are no match for the home HIIT session! Pump up the music, fix the kids a quick healthy snack and GET MOVING!

TIP: Commit to every single rep! Make it BIG and keep it CONTROLLED to make it count!

The workout

10 burpees
20 plyometric lunges
1 min bike leg crunches (as fast and controlled as you can)
10 triple pulse jump squat (triple pulse as low as possible before springing up)
1 min mountain climbers
Pyramid push ups (chest to floor! 1st round: 10 reps, 2nd round: 8, 3rd round: 6, 4th round: 4)

Repeat circuit 3-4 times 


This is an awesome outdoor workout (park, oval, school ground). All you’ll need is the open space to move and the determination to break into a SPRINT every third minute for up to one minute before recovering!

TIP: When you sprint, sprint like there’s a world title at stake!

The workout

1st-3rd minute: Power walk/jog/run
3rd-4th minute: SPRINT for a minimum of 30 seconds to 1 minute
4th-5th minute: Recover back to steady pace and reset

Repeat 5-6 times 

5. The ‘ENCORE’

Every amazing performance ends with an encore and this session works wonders for the abs on its own OR it can put the final chisel into that mid section after heavy weight training.

TIP: Lean back as far as you can on Russian twists, keep your back flat to the floor on hand to foot crunches and face your palms to the ceiling on tail ups to avoid recruiting the upper body.

The workout

20 Russian twists
20 hand-to-foot star crunches (laying flat in a star, opposite hand and foot contract as straight as possible and upwards to meet above the mid section then switch sides)
20 straight leg extensions
20 tail ups
20 CrossFit crunches (place a folded towel under the lumbar spine for support, soles of feet together, touch toes and then extend arms straight and together overhead)
50 crunches (small/upper halves)

Repeat circuit 4-5 times 

HAPPY TRAINING and REMEMBER: “It’s not about the 30 minutes, it’s about the EFFORT YOU BRING to the 30 minutes that counts!” – Bianca Ballinger 


Bianca Ballinger is a Melbourne-based body transformation specialist, group fitness instructor, PT and owner/operator of B Box Fitness. Bianca is an industry-recognised fit mum who you can follow on Instagram @bianca.ballinger and www.facebook.com/Bboxfitness


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