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From ‘cardio’ fanatic to WBFF Pro, Rachel Dillon has used her training to transform her life and the lives of hundreds of other girls.

By Kirstin Cuthbert | Photography by Dallas Olsen


Name: Rachel Jennifer Dillon
City: Townsville, QLD
Occupation: Personal Trainer
Age: 22
Height: 168cm
Weight: 57kg 


Website: www.bodiesbyrachel.com.au

Rachel was always active growing up and was your typical ‘cardio fanatic’. This all changed when she realised cardio was not going to get her where she wanted to be. So Rachel changed her diet, picked up the weights and switched her mind into gear to get to where she is today, a WBFF Pro.

As a young girl Rachel did some modelling work. However, once she realised the negative effects it was having on her, she wanted a change.

“I never used to have a positive body image of myself. Modelling can be such a harsh industry and they would always point out your flaws or why you weren’t good enough in areas. It left me feeling like I wasn’t good enough,” Rachel says.

After a short-lived period, Rachel began training. Her partner introduced her to resistance training and HIIT about three years ago and she fell in love with it.

“When I began training and looking after my body properly, I gained a new self-respect and confidence. I no longer compare myself to anyone else. I am constantly working on me and bettering myself each day,” she says.

“No one else’s opinion matters and you should never let other people’s thoughts determine how you feel.”

After experiencing how the correct nutrition and resistance training changed her body and made her feel mentally, Rachel knew it was something she wanted to be able to share with other women.

“It led me to a career where I am able to share my passion and help hundreds of other women reach their goals too,” she says.

“There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the positive impact of helping other women to achieve amazing things and transform their lives. I am lucky to be a part of such an empowering driven group of women. Seeing the effort they put in on a daily basis drives me to be my best.”

Rachel teaches the importance of having willpower and knowing your why, as these two things have been keys to her success and staying motivated.

“Your willpower has to be stronger than your best excuse! You must have a strong WHY. Your WHY is what drives you, what got you started in the first place and what goals you have set. When you feel unmotivated, reflect on your goals and use them to motivate you to get through those tough days,” Rachel says.

She also believes it is important to remember that you are in competition with no one but you, and that in every ‘failure’, there is an opportunity for growth.

“You are only competing against yourself! Push yourself each and every day to become the best version of you and don’t get distracted by the outside noise,” she says.

“You are going to encounter tough times that are going to test you in life, no matter what you are doing. It is important that you take these ‘failures’ and build on them. Learn from them, and use them to help you grow as a person. You can either choose to ‘fail’ or you can choose to learn.”

Inspired by the hundreds of girls that she works with and is surrounded by, Rachel is more motivated than ever to build her business. She is also focused on the WBFF World Titles in Toronto this August.

“I am extremely excited for this opportunity and humbled that I will be surrounded by some of the biggest names in the industry. It is going to be an amazing experience. Between now and then I am working every single day on myself to bring the best package to the stage and compete with the best,” she says.

We wish you all the best, Rachel! 

Rachel’s advice to get in the best shape of your life

  1. Get educated on nutrition! I’m sure everyone has heard the saying “you can’t out-train a bad diet”. It couldn’t be more accurate. If you are unsure where to look or start, seek advice from a health professional.  Great nutrition will change your life!
  2. Make sure you incorporate weights into your training program! I used to be fixated on cardio but it would never get the results I wanted to see. Once I started lifting, my body transformed! Everything tightened up and I began to see the muscle tone that I was looking to achieve!
  3. Be consistent! Like anything, if you want to see results, consistency is the key! Be consistent with your training and nutrition. Push yourself on those days that you would rather lay around on the couch or sleep in a little longer – we all have them! You will thank yourself for it, I promise! 

A day in the life of Rachel

4am: Omelette (1 egg, 150g egg whites with mixed veg) and 100g brown rice. Plus, a black coffee and an all green supplement (Green Machine from ASN).

Training clients.

Train myself. When I train I sip on BCAA’s. I love Helix from ASN!

Post-workout: 60g oats, a WPI shake and 100g egg whites (Gentec is my favourite). I like to make little pancakes. I just blend it all up and cook it using coconut oil spray.

Lunch: 120g chicken breast, 80-100g brown rice and unlimited greens. Plus, 30g cashews.

Afternoon tea: 100g salmon, 100g sweet potato and 100g asparagus.

Dinner: 100g beef mince, salad and half an avocado. If I am hungry, I will add some pumpkin.

After dinner: I try not to snack after dinner. I usually have a green tea. If I am really tempted, I’ll have some natural peanut butter.


Workout week 








AM: Arms


AM: Legs

AM: Shoulders and core



PM: Back

AM: Legs

Active rest day


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